..quietly 17..

I have this song stuck in my head. It’s super fitting, in a way but on the other hand I am not miserable. At all.  In fact even though it’s Tuesday I am surprisingly at peace with everything. I am spending the day quietly reflecting upon my journey, and what lies ahead. I am happy to be here.

I am moved with the realization that the drama is done with, I am filled with Joy because it is a very special day for my favorite priest, 17 years of ministry, of yes to His vocation. What an honor. I think back to where I was 17 years ago, it was that same year that I got into trouble, 17 years ago is when my life changed. It’s amazing to remember.

I will offer all my prayers for the continued faith journey of our parish priest. I truly hope for his ultimate good. He saved my life, it was he that counseled and helped me to carry my cross. He taught me to trust Jesus and lay all my cares at the foot of His cross. I will never forget his faithful way that led me out of the darkness.

I better get to work, I downloaded a book to listen to while I was around here. Something to fill a little bit of the silence. It’s called- The Help. I am looking forward to listening to it. I also might change in my crutches today and try putting pressure back on my foot. Wish me Luck.


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  1. I think the irony of our lives is lost on us sometimes. Not only in our “marriage” situation, but in so many other ways. I sing On My Own to myself and out loud often when I am running. I have done it for years and years, its a song that brings me back to me. I adore you.

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