..so fishy..

Okay as this wasn’t the week from Hell enough already, my car broke down this morning. I am on crutches, it’s pouring rain, and my car dies. Honestly, what is that about???

So over the past week, I have broken my favorite blue coffee mug, squashed my foot, smashed my tea canister (full of loose tea), my house is a mess, dh took my key away to his truck, my MIL laughed at me when she found out I was hurt, and dh says all of what comes serves me right, my parents are away, and now I need a tow truck which costs at least 65.00 and a mechanic to look at my car..

Maybe my tubal reversal is not going to happen after all. Everything sort of went wrong beginning when I said yes. Yes to life, reparation for my own sin, Yes to completely conforming to God’s divine will for me. It’s has always been about the money, I finally have enough to get the procedure done and my car breaks down. Oh man.

I am peaceful though, through all this trial, at least so far, I feel like I am being protected. It’s the strangest thing.

So fishy though.


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