..no good title option..

I am in a weird mood. There has been so incredibly much going on it seems there isn’t enough time to keep up, then to catch up .. well that would be even longer.

I’ll give you a few key points from the last two weeks then we will carry on..

-I got a lawyer. That should be helpful in getting those complicated things that need to be done, well done.

-I am still with out Job, I am still deciding if I want to move out of this town or whether I want to stay here.

-Dh and I have been struggling to maintain even a courtius relationship.

-MIL is back in town, but apparently is going back to Mexico for a year.. Maybe there is hope yet.

– I am still sick, the Dr. gave me a diagnosis of IBS about 5 minutes after he found out I am in a messy divorce DH. He said I will be fine once my life calms down.. That’s just great…

-I’ve been running again. I feel soft I can tell I have lost muscle mass. I think I need to get back in the gym in addition to the running. I ran about 8 or 9 K yesterday morning, but one of my running partners was injured so in actuality we walked about half of that. I went out again today to do some hills in preparation of my climb next month but then it turned into a run when I chose my destination and realized I had a time frame. I bet my route today was about 10+ It took my almost 2 hours but there were huge grinding hills.. so I don’t know maybe it was more than 10.

What else.

I have been finding parenting a really big challenge. I love my kids with every fiber of my being. That’s a simple fact. My 12 year old is in a bind, trying to find himself, dealing with the separation, puberty, anger.. Lets just say, he is alot of work these days. We are constantly changing as parents as out children grow, I just need to find my niche. We need to revamp our old rules and routines to adapt to this new stage of life.

I am tired now. GOOD NIGHT READERS ❤


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