..wrong side of the bed..

Yesterday was a pure nightmare. Well it’s strange because it started out well enough, but a later run in with MIL and then two with Dh.. It was enough to do me in.

I litterally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I woke up with a song in my head.

So I downloaded it of course so I could listen and get it out. Then I got the kids ready for school, but we were running late, I realized I had no lunch stuff.. grrr so I did what I could. As we were going out the door, I had one look back and with that sinking feeling realized all my hard work over the weekend cleaning up was undone .. again.

I had to work in the am, yesterday was tough lots of work, and while I was working I had this sinking feeling like, this job kind of sucks, it’s a bit gross sometimes, can I be humble enough to do it with out complaint? Why am I doing it? Why should I do this when Dh is sitting there laughing at me, becuase this is what I was resorting to, to make money. It’s not fair.  Okay same inner conversation, new direction. I didn’t realize it but satan was tempting me again.

While I was working I was keeping an eye on the time because I wanted to go to Mass. I finished litteraly moments before and got to the church just on time. When I got there, I prayed for an oportunity to go to confession, I would have driven to the next town if I had to, I just really wanted to go. I had a small conversation with God and then you will never believe what happened. Some random priest entered. What, another priest in my church?? Oportunity?? Yes! But guess what happend then…?

First off my pain came back, BAD. Intense pain. I made it though the Mass, but my breathing was labored and my theeth were clenched! Then after the Mass, I before Fr even asked me if I would like to go to confession, I decided that I would pray the SOTC. It’s one of my favorite devotions, while praying I usuly can achive some moments of clarity on that road, but yesterday I was just examining my conscience, I wanted to be thourogh. I think before i even entered the confessional I had managed a true act of contrition. But as I made my way my pain increased, I had to stop at the 10th station for a few mins crouched in a ball, I was getting dizzy I was in so much pain.

You might be wondering why I didn’t just throw in the towel? I don’t know, something inside told me to stay and pray. To use this suffering, so that’s what I did. When I finished the stations, I was in the middle of the Angelsus anf the priest came, I had my confession and that was that. He told me to pray a prayer of my choice for an intention of my choice, so I finished the angelus, then prayed consecration prayer..

AHHHHHHHH HUGE SPIDER, okay killed it with a book. YUCK, I hate spiders with passion.

I prayed a prayer to Mary. Then it still didn’t feel like I was finished and here another odd thing happend. On my way to Mass I couldn’t find my rosary, it was odd becuase it’s always with me, I keep one in my purse. It just want there. I figured oh well, I have ten fingers, I don’t need the beads. That was before. After I did my penance like I said I wasnt done, so I was going to pray the rosary. Sitting on this plant stand right by the Blessed Sacrament, someone left a rosary. Who knows who, but it was there so I used it. Isn’t that so funny, conisedental even? Not that I believe in coincedences. SO I began the Joyfull mysteries, all the friuits that I am after are in those mysteries, humility, charity, poverty, obidiance, and piety. Okay so you get the picture I was spiritualy recharched. I had some much needed time with my Father.

I left, came home and tried to eat soething gave up and started to cleanin up my messy house. I talked my mom, was having a perfectly nice time, and then came a knock at my door.

Que jaws music..

or remember the SHINING…

Yeah , like that.. Here’s Johnny.. okay for me yesterday it was like.. Surprise, here’s MIL!!! AHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

What on earth is that insane woman doing on my door step, I haven’t awnsered any of her calls all week. Come on, I am divorsing your son, you where insanely cruel to me our entire relationship, I am under the suspicion that you have cursed me and there you stand all fake, telling me you are moving here, wanting to used MY HOUSE as your mailing address and asking to come do laundry in my house. UMMMMM NO!

That facilitated the beginning of the end, I truly do not enjoy harmfull surprises. Yes, I considder MIL showing up a harmful surprise.


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