..i love Saturdays..

Even though I did not get enough sleep last night.. Dd had a Sleep Over, (let me just say there is no actual sleep to be had at a 'sleepover'). I am having a great morning. Even Ds being mouthy and causing trouble with his sister, still a great morning, even BIL being a DICK, still... Continue Reading →



Ouchy, ouchy everything hurts today. My head, my stomach and my foot. I really wish I could crawl into bed and do nothing. Not read. Just lay there. Wow, what an ambitious day! Well, I have cleaned my house, both floors, worked the laundry, had coffee with a friend and even went to Mass. I... Continue Reading →

..quietly 17..

I have this song stuck in my head. It's super fitting, in a way but on the other hand I am not miserable. At all.  In fact even though it's Tuesday I am surprisingly at peace with everything. I am spending the day quietly reflecting upon my journey, and what lies ahead. I am happy to be here. I am... Continue Reading →

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