..I hate Tuesdays..

I hate Tuesdays, I really wish I can talk to someone.

I am sitting in my laundry room crying.

Over what?


I had a 30 min meeting with Miss W about Ds after school. Dd wants to sleep at dh’s and when I told her no she melted down, I had my parents lecturing me over the reasons I’d be stupid to leave my home and that I need to be tougher with dh. Dh’s mom is here. That’s MIL. I saw her at Dd game this afternoon, she didn’t say anything mean, except that I look too skinny, and lastly my stomach is killing me. I want to run away today. I am dreading arguing with Ds about the stupid computer, all of this on me and whats dh doing nothing. I hate him. Yes I said it and I mean it.

I better go, I need to get it together.

Sorry for the drama. I just wanted to get this off my chest. I was just having a moment of frustration. I feel better now having typed it all out.

I know I left out about a million little things in this story but I am done crying so I can move on.

I really wanted to go to Mass but Dh wouldn’t take Dd. He said he would but only after Ds was home. That did me no good, Mass would be over by then.

I have to work at 7 am tomorrow. Fun.


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