..burnt onions and blessings..

I had the best day today. Seriously.

I sort of always have liked Thursdays, so going in I was a head of the game. But this morning it was sunny right from the get go. I got the kiddies off to school and came back and actually cleaned my house. Well most of it, when you are dealing with 4000 sq ft it does take awhile. So lets be honest, I cleaned the kitchen which was messy due to the morning rush then I made all the beds and swept all the floors. That was enough for today.

After that, I got my stuff together and decided to ride to work today. It was still a little chilly but I went from door to door in 9 mins. That not bad at all.

I had a weird morning over there. I wasn’t feeling great which made my job alot harder. But I did it. Today I was cooking Venison Liver and Onions. Totally old school. Belch. I can’t ever recall making liver before, so I did my best.

I dredged the liver in a mixture of flour and spices. Then heated some oil quite hot and went a head and sealed the meat. As that was going on I washed up a couple of potatoes and put them into foil to be baked, and after that came the onions. Humm, Today the onions and I had issues. I took caramelizing the things to a rather Cajun level. Oops. After the meat was fully cooked I found another onion thank goodness and cooked it properly. While my onions where cooking I made some green beans and tomatoes. I have a secret recipe for that one and it’s very good.

I ended up throwing away the original onion, what a waste next time I’ll be more careful.

So after I finished work, I rode my bike to the video store dropped off a couple of movies, then headed over to the church. I didn’t really have anything to do so I went in for a half an hour and talked to Jesus. It was exactly what I needed. He is always so completely wonderful to me. Blessings…


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