..really, really hungry..

Darn it, I was super hungry today.

And now I pay for it. OUCH. I ate all sorts of weird stuff. For breakfast I ate a banana, then I ate a sandwich for lunch. It was mordadello and Gouda on an Italian bun. Yummers. Then after school I ate an avocado (made into guacamole) with tortilla chips, For dinner I ate Turkey and tomatoes Alfredo, with penne. And lastly, I ate about 8 crackers with cheese whiz and then half a chocolate almond bar. Yes. That was a strange combo for sure, and considering I have been eating so light lately this splurge is painful. Really painful.

I feel sick, nauseated I mean, plus bloated terribly, and crampy, and the middle of my stomach really hurts.

I saw my Dr. today, he didn’t give me anything new, but he did say NO DAIRY, and NO WHEAT. Great. Maybe I should have listened!

Blah. I don’t even feel like writing.

Dh has been really coming around lately. I think he wants sex. Divorced buddy! I do NOT want to be doing that sort of stuff. It’s for his pleasure only. Which isn’t benefiting either of our souls. I don’t love him, I can’t be intimate with someone that I don’t love. Even if he was my husband. Technically. I wish all the papers would hurry up. Just when I think he is okay with all of this he starts again. This is so hard. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but that’s just not a realistic option. I am trying to keep in my head that he is probably lying to me. I don’t know why he is fighting so hard. I don’t trust him and when there is no trust the rest means nothing, or at least very little.

Okay, pain is ceasing for now..


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