..my appointment..

So I saw the Dr. today, which did nothing to help me out. I am so frustrated. He can’t speed up my ultra sound, rather than thinking I have a hernia he doesn’t know now. Maybe celiac disease, maybe some foreign bug in my intestine, maybe some other doom filled prediction. Yet what action are they taking? NOTHING. Sit and wait until they call. This is so ridiculous. Who’s they? WHO ARE THEY?? The LAB, The IMAGING people, the SPECIALIST from another city. All these great medical professionals and I am here in pain wondering very disturbing things in reaction to what I am experiencing. So frustrating. I hope to God that there is nothing seriously wrong with me. I don’t want to go this way. I am too young, with too much to do. I know I don’t have a say, but I am scared here.

I weighed my self today, 124lbs.


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