..nothing important in here, read if you are bored..

I guess, I will have to find time either at night 10-12am or in the morning 5-7am to do this studying, my course starts in 10 days. Either that or I will have to find away to manage my day better.
Do you ever wonder how to get just a little bit more time in there?
It takes all day to get everything done. Or maybe I need to cut things. But what? I run yes, and walk my dog, but that’s an hour max a few times a week and i think the benefits are really necessary over all to my mental health even more so than my physical self.
I come to pray, or to go to Mass which lately has even been difficult to schedule working for the W’s. But again, that’s important to the over all balance of mind, body, & spirit. I always am more productive under those circumstances.
The rest is keeping this house or tending to my kids, or cooking or laundry.. I don’t know.
I have always said I am not the most efficient person when it comes to managing time. So I am sure there will be away.
On a positive note, alot of this Math stuff is coming back to me. There is one small thing I like about math, there are no variables, there is no grey area. It’s just either right or wrong, follow the formula and be precise and the answer will be right. You don’t have to over think it.
So this post is maybe a little bit rambly, tomorrow is going to be busy. Hot lunch, which I still need to get some supplies for, the W’s, Fridays and Mondays are my busiest days there because I prepare for them several things so there are fine with out me over the weekend. Monday is just more cleaning.
I am going to think about what I am going to do tomorrow night at YG, we are hoping to play 2 new games if the weather cooperates. I am not sure about the talk part, I think I might go over our upcoming plans. The next thing on our agenda, well the next two things, the May things are going to be the Talent show and the Cemetery cleaning.
I am not tired at all, I think I might be better off working in the morning, so at night I can rest easier.
Dd had her first Baseball game tonight, she did pretty good I thought. This is the year baseball get more interesting for the parents watching. They are allowed to do more things that are trivial to the game, things like stealing bases, and the kids pitch now rather than the coach, they play 3 outs rather than letting all the kids on the roster bat.. that’s so much better. I score kept, it reminded me of a lady, Mrs. DL. She kept score at every game for the entire season, of every year, that I can ever remember.
What’s interesting is her daughter, the one that played on the same teams as me all those years, just friend-ed me on FB. She is married and has 2 boys. Funny the small world we live in.
Hmm, what else happened today. Ds was home from school sick, well just not feeling 100% himself. I think he is struggling socially at school right now, he friends are all selfish little punks. There are two in particular that I can’t stand very much. Anyway we had a small blessing today, there was some serious trouble at school and Ds had NOTHING to do with it. Thank you Lord!! I am so happy he stayed home from school today for sure.
Well, well. It seems I am alittle bit tired after all. Good, Finally, Good night readers~

..I should be doing laundry but..

Here I am. Writing to you.

I had a strange but really happy day yesterday. It was very busy. I think though, for the most part I really like busy.

I created a FB group for my Youth Group. I felt rather technical in doing so.

I have to go to work soon, I¬†wish I could go again right now, but I am afraid to leave a bunch of sleeping kids here alone. I think if it was just the boys, I’d do it, but as it’s Dd as well. I don’t want to leave her.

¬†Yesterday I worked early, Dd was with her grandma all day so it was just me and a Ds. We went into town after I got off and picked up some supplies. I had a bunch of errands to run, stuff to do for YG, stuff to do for home. It was a very productive day. Then in the afternoon, I went for a big bike ride. I rode to the church, dropped off some stuff, rode to my Dr’s appointment, I ‘ll write more on that in a min. then I rode home and had dinner, and when I was finished I went to YG.

At YG we did the usual stuff plus made some plans for the near future. . It’s the fresh air that makes me so happy I think.

..I hate Tuesdays..

I hate Tuesdays, I really wish I can talk to someone.

I am sitting in my laundry room crying.

Over what?


I had a 30 min meeting with Miss W about Ds after school. Dd wants to sleep at dh’s and when I told her no she melted down, I had my parents lecturing me over the reasons I’d be stupid to leave my home and that I need to be tougher with dh. Dh’s mom is here. That’s MIL. I saw her at Dd game this afternoon, she didn’t say anything mean, except that I look too skinny, and lastly my stomach is killing me. I want to run away today. I am dreading arguing with Ds about the stupid computer, all of this on me and whats dh doing nothing. I hate him. Yes I said it and I mean it.

I better go, I need to get it together.

Sorry for the drama. I just wanted to get this off my chest. I was just having a moment of frustration. I feel better now having typed it all out.

I know I left out about a million little things in this story but I am done crying so I can move on.

I really wanted to go to Mass but Dh wouldn’t take Dd. He said he would but only after Ds was home. That did me no good, Mass would be over by then.

I have to work at 7 am tomorrow. Fun.