..nothing new to say..

This blog is nothing if not completely depressing. I am completely depressed. I hate everything today. I am mad at my self because over and over and over I fall. I don’t want to fall. If I am being honest with my self, I want to be LOVED. I don’t want to be alone, I am sick of loving people that don’t love me back. I mean really, who does that. It’s so disappointing. I want to make my self happy, you know like rely on myself to feel cheerful, or happy, or contented. Rather than hoping someone else will give me what I need. I am pissed off because how did this happen. Why couldn’t he just lot me like a husband it supposed to? How come can love be so unavailable to me?  It’s not fair, like every other stupid thing in my life. It’s NOT FAIR.

I am tired of crying too.

Why won’t you just love me back? Such a disappointment. It’s hard. This life is hard.


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  1. I understand how you feel, I found your blog via recommend for my blog (anotherdayhere.com), I’ll be watching it from now on. Things will get better, but I understand where you are right now, because I’m in the same position.

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