..bloody friday..

Oh, and that is literal! So yesterday was the first day of our spring break, I am all for spring break, not getting up and rushing kids and my self out the door, coffee in a regular mug rather than a to go cup.. It’s nice, a nice break.

Yesterday began with me babysitting my daughters little friend. She came around 8 30 or so, so that was Dd’s entertainment for the majority of the day.

It’s funny and this will be a little tangent, dd is nearly ten. She is a very young 9 year old, sweet innocent and very much kept in a bubble. That is not to say that I don’t share the way of our world, the realities I should say, we talk a lot. We talk about the evils and the harshness, the tricks and hardness, but so far she has been able to live just out side the darkness that plagues the young people in our time. This is something I continue to thank God for everyday.

So you know what dd and her little friend did for hours, they played littlest pet-shop. I suspect littlest pet shop is similar to what playing barbies were in my day. It’s imagination, they created an entire world and played f0r hours.

Okay, so back to yesterday, I talked to my Mom for a bit on the computer, cleaned my house did a bunch of laundry, la lalalalalalalalalal.. that’s what the description of house works sounds like in my head.

So around lunch time my son met up with his friends they were going back and forth between our house and the grandparents of one of the others. Our home backs into a green belt, so the boys where out there air-softing. (something similar to paint-balling) That all went fine, it wasn’t too muddy and they played for hours. Ds came home for a late lunch, or early dinner how ever you want to look at it and then I drove him over to another of his friends house.

This is where the trouble begins.

Now Moms, God gave you all a gut instinct for a reason, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO IT.

As we were driving over there I was asking questions, last year I didn’t allow Ds to air-soft here because I don’t know the area well enough, and this Mom isn’t well known for her supervision. I reasoned that Ds is responsible, has a cell phone, is wearing proper protective gear and is going with a group. In our back woods I leave a window open and I can hear them shouting. If anything happens I’m write there and I have been in said woods many, many times. I know all the dangers.

That was the first thing. I was leery of the location because I didn’t know it. FLAG

Second, Ds told me he couldn’t find his face mask, so he went only wearing goggles.. What on earth? Then he said they were at C’s house from last time and he would be fine.  FLAG

Thirdly, I told him call me if you run into any problems, and I will come get you, and just call to check in, in a bit. Ds then tells me he didn’t bring his phone because he was scared of falling on it or breaking it somehow!! FLAG

I was on my way to work, I didn’t say anything further. But you know that feeling that slight premonition, that foreboding feeling. I had it.

Now an hour later I got a call on my cell phone, Ds wiped out and needed stitches. Akkk!!! I KNEW IT!

Dh was on his way to watch Dd, so he detoured and picked up Ds to take him to the hospital. Last night marked a first for me, I had to sacrifice taking my first born child to the hospital and consoling him to work. That sucked a little bit. I am always the one that’s there. It was hard not to be.

Ds ended up with 11 stitches.

He seemed brave but last night had a hard time sleeping. After all the adrenaline wore off, the pain set in. It’s interesting though, I taught him something valuable, something I wish I could have learned when I was his age. We talked about offering pain and suffering for powerful prayers. I told him, to use his pain and turn it in to prayers for people around him, or things he would like to pray for. As we were laying is bed we got quite a list going, I think he gave a lot of people gifts, silent prayers.. It was a beautiful.

Dh is here right now, he spent the night. I didn’t care too much, he stayed very civil. We slept in separate rooms obviously and he plans to take the kids out today. I am actually glad dh was here, he helped me out perfectly with the kids. It would have been a problem to take Ds to the hospital with out him right there. I guess that’s the stuff we have to figure out now. If he was in camp or something and I had to work, would have been hard. I guess I see another benefit of me being a SAHM all those years. That way I am VERY flexible, when he isn’t around and the kids are always completely taken care of.

Things change I guess, we just have to get used to it.. Better go start the day~


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