..long day, long week, long year..

I feel slightly depleted, I am getting tired. Well I am tired today anyway. It was a long day, the kids had school but Dh had court and the court was to determine if he was pleading guilty or not and then he submitted an application to see if he could have the No Go order dropped. They didn’t grant it so he will be away for a little while more.

It frustrates me because it feels so much like a money game, all of this is just a huge expense and it seems like it’s only about that. I don’t know I’ve really lost faith in our judicial system. I’ve done all that I could, I am sorry for calling the police in the first place getting them involved was a huge mistake made for very selfish reasons.

Well as much as I do think that, I at the same time wonder if the seriousness of the discord would ever have been realized without police involvement.. maybe not. It also seems like dh may have turned more pointedly towards Christ through this, so that in it’s self is something else entirely and something so great that would make all the suffering a joy.

I don’t know much about much, I just hope I can find my way through.


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