..harsh reality..

My reality is so dark, it's squeezing the oxygen from my lungs. Last night was another awful night. It was no different from the days prior, no different really then the weeks, years, decades that I have been tragically suffering through since I turned 13. Dh again. My son, thinks I need to suck it... Continue Reading →


..not quite a bowl of cherries..

Life that is, specifically mine. I have had a rough go again. DH is killing me with his tactics. It's more meanness than I have ever encountered in my life, and I am finding I am seriously not prepared for it. I need to keep steady, I am turning my entire soul to God, begging... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was not bad, I have to say. See that was me being positive. Yes, I know strange right!! Friday night, I had Youth Group. We were leading the Stations of the Cross at our parish. I was impressed because they were serious. The kids I mean, my usual leader was not there so the... Continue Reading →

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