..all the world is a stage..

Friday Jan 22 2010 JR Youth Group

“All the world is a stage, and all the men and woman are merely players.”

This is a quote by a writer named William Shakespeare.

As you probably know Shakespeare was a really famous dramatist during the 16th century.

A dramatist is actually a playwright, someone who writes and creates plays.

It’s someone who realistically takes little pieces of our every day reality and brings them to life…

Back in the 16th century there were no movie theaters like we have today so if you wanted to witness a story; it had to be acted out on a stage.

If Shakespeare was the mind behind the play, he had to have actors to act out his stories….they are people acting out little pieces, acting out the Events of our lives before an audience.

The people in the plays are following the script as movie actors do now a days.

They are following a method, a method that the playwright or the director puts before them.

Obviously like in life some plays are about happy things, Comedies, things that make us laugh out loud, or smile..

But others also as in life are depicting sad, traumatic things that SHOCK us.

Those shocking things make us reflect,


we are paying attention,

And the same shocking things can help us to identify with what is going on, on in the play.

The purpose of this, this newly named cultural event,

Because that’s what we call it now a days a play, or a production at the theater.

The point of going and watching a play would be to become more cultural… To become more human.

TO become more AWARE. TO be ready for an Encounter.

Imagine you’re not sitting here in this little chapel but in an audience and before you is a brightly lit stage,

You are sitting in darkness and all your attention is focused on what is going on on the stage.

As you are watching the actors bring to life the scene or the story, the piece of life that they are depicting,

Simultaneously You are aware that there is a director behind the stage arranging everyone, to be here, to say this line, to do this action… In a tangible way.

Tangibility, something you can touch, feel, change…

We can’t see the director, but we know using our common sense that he is the one creating the situations that the actors are bringing to life in front of us.

As we watch the interactions between characters, we are learning, we are reflecting unconsciously,

We either identify with them, or we wish to imitate them, or we judge them.

We could say,

That Our life is like a play,

It’s a continuous drama.

And God is our director.

God creates events, “circumstances” that come before us. He forces us to make judgments. To experience.

To experience means to comprehend, to understand, to ask questions, to pursue answers until we are satisfied,

until we find what it is that corresponds to our hearts.

To find what makes us happy, not in the artificial way either but in the way that truly makes known the YOU and squishes down the I.

So not only are we playing the parts, not only do we act out these scenes, we witness others doing the same. We are also spectators, we are called not only to testify but also to witness.

How can we witness what is going on around us? Christ called us to follow him. But he also wants us to be his disciples.

We need to educate our selves to the Human Experience.

I know I repeat this, and Fr Alfie repeated this before me, there is a common thing between all of us, no matter which scenes are being played out in our lives.

We all have different stories and different dramas but the one common thing between each of us here in this room is our Destiny.

There is a piece of scripture it’s from the book of Jeremiah that I love and when I was thinking about what to say tonight, it popped into my head.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you a part.”

We are part of Gods Plan, we are living our lives according to his time, as we said last week. We do not control time.

The circumstances God puts in front of us are there to educated us, and more importantly to teach us, and to help us follow him.

When bad things happen, or when what is before us is something unpleasant

According to our measure”,

We dismiss it or question it. And We ask God why?

St John tells us, God Is Love.

This is true above anything in this world. When God puts in our path circumstances that we don’t like, we must trust.

It’s is beautiful and exciting to live this way.

Even in the face of something hard or sad life is not a tragedy, it’s a drama.

It’s dramatic because of the relationship between our I and the YOU of God.

It’s exciting because making this commitment to being ready for the Encounter, to being attentive to the reality and the drama that unfold, You remember the story at the advent retreat, about never crossing the river in the same place twice.

This is true of all of us, in our lives.

Living with this knowledge, the awareness is exciting because with our I we must follow the steps in which God indicates,

Like the director in the play that is our life..

In the morning tomorrow when you pray the Angelus, ask God, beg Him to make known to you his Presence.

TO help you each see that you are the players on

His stage.


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