I like Thursday's, I think it originally came from the rosary, I love praying the luminous mysteries. You see for the longest time I have been praying for someone else's conversion and I guess these mysteries always seems stronger, like a stronger prayer. I always make time today, for these prayers. It's my most peaceful... Continue Reading →


..another tuesday..

Now that the computer is located here, it's like typing from the inner ring of a circus. Well at least the IL's are out tonight. My kids and I are watching American Idol. Oops spoke to soon, In Law number two is home. I thought I'd give a quick little update as today in Tuesday,... Continue Reading →

..i’m back..again..

Yup, it's seems I have made it through. Like very few others out there that I know, I really like Mondays. Another week, a new day, another chance. I took some initiative on Thursday and did something REALLY hard. But the benefits were incredibly immediate. I feel a pressure had been removed, the weight on... Continue Reading →

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