..He who is time..

The awareness of time brings a summery of how we spend our time. Everywhere we turn today, yesterday for the last three days we are provoked to react in the face of this tragedy of Haiti… What did you do over the last three days? Went to school, Hung out with your friends, your family? Watched from inside your warm homes the rain falling? Did you crack any jokes perhaps about an impending flood coming??? We did many things, and at precisely the same time, there are people, youths very similar to you in ruins, absolute chaos.

Did they plan to do this, their entire world, all which is important to them; all that matters to them, picture it- is in ruins. There are people laying dying in the streets all alone. All their material things, the things that sustain them are now piles of rubbish

Imagine it- No water to take away the thirst, no medicine to take away the pain. They did not expect this; they did not expect to be hurt in this way. They did nothing to cause this.

Time does not belong to us, time is not ours.

Our usual way of living is fixed on images, on movies, on what our friends say and think, this is unconsciously how we attribute the value of time. It’s fixed on projects, or on our dreams, or on our expectations to which we attach life’s “value”. Why do we want to “own” life in this way? Why is everything constantly being measured by possessions, including our time?

Jesus asks us, Give me your life! How can we answer him this?

When your parent asks you to pick up your room, or your teacher busts you for throwing erasers, and even though you got into trouble you we not even the one that threw the eraser in the first place… How do you react to that!! Are you agreeable, do you say no sir, yes mam?? OR do you expect something else, to do nothing but gain it all?? It is in these little tiny insignificant moments that Jesus whispers in our hearts, “Give me your life.”

When we turn on the turn on the TV and during the commercial to our favorite show a news break comes across the screen updating the travesty in Haiti, I implore you all to pray. Take action, even a prayer is an action.

Be attentive, to the needs around us. Today we are speaking about Haiti but yesterday it was something else, and tomorrow it will be something else. Do you see that these moments don’t belong to us?

We must be attentive through all the moments. The little moments in our lives that may not be huge natural disasters but could be that time when you walk out of your class and your friends are standing around in a group and are all talking badly about another of your friends, you enter a conversation that moves you.

Did you feel that? That slight unease? That uncomfortable moment that passes through you? That’s Jesus quietly asking you, Give me your life?

Your heart is designed to recognize Him; it doesn’t feel right because you are made for something else. Your greatest desires can not be satisfied truly with things of this world. You can live here, you can participate, but you are a pilgrim or traveler on a journey… Your home is with Him, your father in Heaven. God gave everyone of us free will so that we may choose Him again and again and again.

When we see the pictures of the children laying alone in the streets or the elderly laying lifeless in the rubble that feeling you get in your stomach, when your breath is taken away, that’s your heart moving. It’s in those small movements that we choose Christ. We can say a simple prayer, a prayer to God to help them. “Oh Lord, wrap your loving arms around the poor people of Haiti, bring them strength and comfort through this darkest of nights”

The course of this life is Inevitable. Our life belongs to God. We are so loved, in all our moments, whether we are using our time wisely or not. He doesn’t judge us, nor will he ever, he only asks that we Give him our life, to try, to be attentive.

Imagine those people facing the darkness that’s before them, across the world in Haiti or out side of your classroom in amongst the group of your friends. The people waiting for stones and bricks to be removed from their bodies or that one friend that is being cast out the two experiences are vastly different but Jesus is present in both circumstances.

Neither planned for this today.

You can not plan, you can not possess the knowledge behind time, you can only be ready for the experience, you can put your Hope in God, You can Trust that He will offer us His encounter. We must not measure, we can not measure, yesterday brought an experience, but not something that you created. The things that bring us comfort, that make us happy, that we like- do not come from us at all. We belong to Another, to GOD. It is in Him that the world, our world makes any sense at all.

In the morning, when you are praying the Angelus, ask Him “Show me your face today Oh LORD”, beg that you will hear Him in the simple moments of your life, when you enter the crowd out side the class, when you see the man in rags on the street, when you are asked to clean your room, when you hear of the increasing number of precious people that have died in that awful earthquake..

Be ready, when he asks you, I am here Lord. Everyday ask, because as the people in Haiti did not plan for that experience, nor can we. All we can do is to try to be attentive, you can remember that we don’t own time, it is a precious gift given to us by our Father.


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