..sweet Sunday..

Release me. I am free. Well sort of. It's Sunday, the baptism was yesterday afternoon. It went very, very well. My new little baby God daughter is a child of Christ, the light of Christ shines vibrantly in her heart of hearts. I am so happy to have been part of her special sacrament. I... Continue Reading →


..and the bad luck continues..

Seriously, I mean really, what on earth is going on? Am I missing the bigger pictures here, or am I seriously loosing it? Another "bad" thing happened. I dropped my brand new cell phone into my washing machine as it was filling with water, the lid was open becuase I was waiting for it to... Continue Reading →


Do you believe in jinxes? How about curses? If you would have asked me that awhile back I probably would have answered with a firm NO! Now though I admit, my no is a little bit quieter. I am just not sure. Is that the way a jinx or a curse takes you down, becuase... Continue Reading →

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