..can’t sleep..

Really it’s almost one am and I am still wide awake. Tomorrow is the Advent Retreat for my son’s Youth Group. I am going along to cook. I have been preparing for this for a few weeks actively and a few months inactively. I suspect that’s why I can’t sleep.

I haven’t been writing much lately I don’t know why but it’s harder than usual. My thoughts aren’t flowing. I think my environment is too crazy and becuase of that I can’t let go at all anymore.

You know I have been sleeping alot more than usual. So tired, when my head hits the pillow I am out. I guess just not tonight though..

5 minutes of writing = sleep is coming.

Well that worked like a charm, now I am tired.

I start basketball on Tuesday, that’s going to be fun. I am sure I’ll be nervous when it’s the actual day but for now one foot in front of the other and right now I am one footing it all the way to the retreat..

~Have a great weekend readers.


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