..wasted day..

If you were to close your eyes for 1 min and reopen them standing face to face with God. What would you say to him ?

I’m Sorry.

That’s actually what I would say, followed by Thank you.

He knows my heart. But sometime I think things are better said out loud. For directness and sincerity.

All day I’ve been meandering around, it’s been the most unproductive day. I’m aware of what’s going on so I am not going to be ultra hard on myself. However I surely hope that tomorrow is better.

I never can seem to stay very far away from this blog. It’s my outlet, I’ll admit I use it frequently. I have made a few changes this blog will be exclusively for me to write.. my journal if you will. The other side now, will be more public for my reflections. I don’t really want to cross the two. I figure if you are reading here I don’t mind if you are also reading there but if you are reading there, I don’t want this side to be public knowledge. It’s a wee bit too private.

I had a moment a little while ago. It was a wave of despair. I sat here feeling it and nearly started to cry. It was so odd. I truly dislike depression. It’s trickery is annoying. What a wasteful day. I know time is a gift, each moment should be cherished.. today though has been ghastly. I am going to have a shower, I am going to get dressed, I’m going to finish my housework, I am going to make dinner, I am going to go watch Dd play basket ball, I am going to come home , feed my family, take Ds to football, go to the church pray a rosary, attend mass, go pick up Ds, make lunches for tomorrow, read with Dd then say good night and crawl into my bed. That is all.

I am so cold today, I feel terrible.. I strongly dislike Tuesdays.



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