..writing again..

You know, the third thing I do just for me is to write.

That covers all of it.. Mass, running, writing. Soul, body and mind.

I think I have been in a slight funk lately, writers block maybe. I noticed even coming here had diminished. I have on the other hand been reading more so maybe that’s the substitution. Anyway as much as I enjoy the constant chronicle that is my life..(little tangent here) It  has been fascinating re-reading entries from this past year as I have experienced such a noted change. My life is so very different than is was- even one year ago. It’s very affirming to me to see it so densely laid out. No need for watered down memories, it’s all here in paragraph form.

But anyway that’s not the point of this rapid entry. I am going to get back to work on my manuscript. I am going to use the time I have been putting in here to work there.

I feel this story needs to be told, but that is impossible until I finish it. So here I go again.

Many blessings to you readers~


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