..hello world..

C'est la vie

Well, I think it’s about time to turn the page.

You know I love music.. Different melodies, a little edge, music moves me..

This morning I found the most interesting post, that led me to something new something a little bit like me at the moment. -Matthew Ryan

Look him up on Youtube, I love his sound. A bit depressing. But all true.

Okay, that in fact is what I am not going to be writing about this morning. I’m such a lost soul. Totally artist, ridden with angst and melodramatic interludes. Only internally though, externally I’m such a domestic goddess. How is that? How can I be so many pieces? Oh well, that dear readers is a quarry for another day.

So yesterday I was told by a very reliable source that this little blog is utterly depressing.. Thank you for the blatant truth.. It’s totally true though. It is depressing, see above- I am eternally the morose, sardonic, dejected thinker.

I’m okay with it, I’m not so despondent that I am going to go drive off a cliff.. I do happen to love life. I do happen to be a very catholic woman, therefor I do want more than anything else to meet my Destiny.. It will not happen if I interfere. So I guess that makes me -not truly hopeless. I hope in God. Not in man. Not even in myself. God alone is my true comforter.

Now that said, I live quite contrary.

I am going to go with the flow for awhile. See what happens.. No over thinking. The most important thing I am going to set my mind to right now is to remain in the moment. No matter where I am, or what I am doing I plan to remain in the moment. I will try.

Life is a journey, mine is interesting. I am so full of surprises that even I am taken a back sometimes.

Oh and for the record, I may write such negative things but it’s only becuase this is my output. What would happen truly if I expressed this amount of frustration, sadness, or enmity in real life.. I’d be looked at with a massive doses of scrutiny, I’d have no friends, no family and quite possibly I’d be locked up into a very cozy white padded room. This blog was started so I’d have a place to vent. That’s all. A place to type out my frustrations and let them go. Essentially that’s exactly what I do here.

Okay this is where I am going to relax and write about some positive things. I am not feeling the bite of the emotional roller-coaster at the moment, so I can be at peace and let my mind wonder.

All my housework is done. It’s been done for awhile. I am thinking about going for a walk. It’s not raining at the moment. I am running later, so this walk is purely for enjoyment. Tonight Ds has football. I think Dd is going to her little friends after school. My dinner tonight is going to be Lentil Soup. I have the lentils soaking already. I made cookies last night so dessert is taken care of. I do have some cutting to do. I could go and so that. I probably will but it will be a little while later.



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