..babies breath..

Not the flowers, but actual breath from my baby.. who happens to be nine.

She is so sick today, and it was such a long day. I am typing from directly beside her, listen as she takes each precious breath. I am in her room tonight, keeping watch. It’s hard when your kids are sick, I wish I could take it from her.

So I had my first official day of work for the school while there were actual kids in the building. It was good, I was left a pile of stuff with the expectation that I’d not have time to finish, I did finish and on top I prepared my next hot lunch form so the regular secretary wouldn’t have to. It went pretty smooth I’d say. Many people were coming and going but I found an effective way to stay on task without hurrying people along. I think I did okay.

I have some much stuff to write about but I think I’ll have to carry on in the morning, all of a sudden I am feeling very tired. I guess it’s about time and considering I’ve been up since before six, this late bed time is feeling quite late.

I have lots on my mind, I am worried about a friend, I am wondering about the fate of our Altar servers, I am wondering what’s going to happen while BIL is hanging around some of my friends all the way to Nanaimo and back, I am worried for dd, I am feeling some pressure about some financial matters I am dealing with, Dh is mad at me, SIL is going to stay at her Moms for a little while, and wants a ride, MIL is trying to invite her self over to our house over thanksgiving, my Mom is on the other side of the country and I haven’t heard anything from her… Oh I guess I could go on for a few minutes at least, but my of my that burden feels heavy.

I noticed tonight there was no Holy water in the church, and I was told there will be no hand shaking during the peace time. I actually noticed one person on Thursday that was reluctant to shake hands.. everyone is so scared of this swine flu. Maybe I am just setting my self up for a terrible illness, but I think people are getting so darn sick because people are being ridiculous not because there is this terrible bug.. I mean come on, how does it go from Mexico to a little native village in the middle of no where??? I think if people would be a little more careful about where they sneeze, or what they put on there selves.. it’s like the hand sanitizer’s.. What is that all about. Why can’t you take the two minutes and actually wash your hands?? It’s gross really. No wonder people are getting sick. No one washes their hands they just run a little alcohol on and call it clean!! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Soap, hot water, scrub.. simple! This is kind of gross but it makes me think.. on the hallway leading-out of the wal-mart bathroom there is a hand sanitizer. Why would there be a sanitizer out side a bathroom, are people electing to not washing there hands anymore..

Okay enough about that.

I’m falling asleep at the moment



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