..funny thing..

So tired again. It’s a funny thing this strangeness with my body. I don’t really think something is wrong, it’s just off.

My chills, my tiredness, my general unease.. My appetite fluctuations. Ravenous one day then not hungry at all the next. Oh well, better this than something worse.

Today I am going to work at the W’s for a little while. I’ve been there quite a bit lately. They need alot of help doing physical tasks. I personally think they should hire a personal care aid. I am kind a Jill of all trades, I mean I am proficient in the kitchen or doing any sort of domestic tasks, but J is still taking care of M and M is deteriorating rather quickly. I worry for them both. I am worried for them once they leave the country. They are still planning to go but are waiting until they can get their flu shots, they specifically want the swine flu shot.

I have to work tomorrow too, at the school. Yippee!! I am so excited and nervous about that. It’s going to be great I hope.

This afternoon, I am going to chaperon the Altar Servers,  I still haven’t decided what I can make for a little snack. I hope the children make it today, I want our church to have many children participating in the Mass. It’s not because I think it looks nice or anything, I really want the children’s affection for God to spread through their entire lives and I want them to have hearts of service.. Kids these days have so many worldly things stacked against them. It’s hard to watch, I hope for them to open their hearts some how on their own. Today is the feast day of St Therese, she is a perfect saint to follow for the children.. she found God on her own, in her own way.. Such a simple desire and now she is enjoying the fruits of heaven.. I mean as a Mom, who wouldn’t want that for her children.

I have dinner already prepared, I am using a crock pot tonight as I probably won’t be home during the usual make dinner part of the day. You know in the past sometimes on really busy days we’d take a little brake from the dinner routine and I’d make something so easy like grilled cheeses and Campbell’s soup. We’d all sit around the island and it would be super casual..

Oh my goodness, one of my favorite songs is on. It’s by a man named Mark Mallet and it’s called As you are. I just love it. Such a beautiful song.

Okay anyway now that SIL and BIL are living with us I just don’t feel it would be acceptable to do that, for one thing I doubt that would fill them up and for another I don’t know I just don’t feel like I can do it. So my solution to these dinner dilemmas, my crock pot.

After altar servers, I am going running, Ds has football, so I need dinner to be ready at 5. This way when I drop him off at home, Dh can dish him out. Ta da, healthy dinner ready to be eaten.

Tomorrow is going to be another Crock pot night, I am working until about 3 30pm but then right following I have an appointment at 4 so that would be another night where I am not at home during the ‘cooking’ time aka 330 to 5pm.

Last night was tiring. I reconciled the IL’s bank accounts. One of the stipulations to them living here rent free was that we managed their money. I know that sounds odd but considering the circumstances, none of which I care to rehash here on my blog, it’s a help to them, not a hindrance. I hope that they try hard. Anyone can change. I know that first hand, but it’s difficult and it requires so much effort and heaps of grace. I pray for them.

I just had an idea, I think I might bring my camera tonight to the servers practice. I think we need a little positive lift, I am going to bring some awareness to this little program within the church. I am hopeful, I don’t know why but I feel positive.

Okay I have some of my own house work to do..

~Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hey, there,

    I have autoimmune thyroid disease and have many symptoms you have. If you have your thyroid checked–make sure they do a full panel and make sure they check your thyroid antibody levels as they can fluctuate and be normal for one test–but you might be high or low at other times…this will let the doctor know if your immune system is attacking the gland causing the ups and downs.

    I hope this helps.

    Are you Catholic? Wow! I’ve been so sad in not finding any Catholics on here…and tonight…I found two…without even looking.

    Just noticed your tags.

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