Today is Halloween and in true Halloween fashion my day so far has been frightful. Even though, I must admit I am feeling pretty grateful for my friends. Life sureĀ  is different now. My options are bountiful. That's reassuring. This morning, I went running. I can't tell you of a better way to start my... Continue Reading →



Dh was drinking again last night, while drunk he takes meanness to a whole new level. I need to find away out of here. I'm not happy, no amount of money and comfort can make me happy on the inside. Look at the state of my life. What have all these months of working on... Continue Reading →


Confusion. That's me. At the moment anyhow. My life feels as though it has been torn up with a mulcher, I was teetering on the edge of the abyss, today, tonight specificly I have slipped all the way down. I feel like I have taken about a million steps back, all the grey areas have... Continue Reading →

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