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Good Morning.

I feel like I can truly say that today. Plus it’s Tuesday. Go figure. It’s a minute or so after 6 am but I have been up for nearly an hour. I have been doing laundry. Strange probably, but when you have two kids that wear uniforms to school laundry is done at all sorts of strange hours.

Hummm, Ds just zombie walked in here and crawled into my bed. I think he is awake… Maybe not.

Back the the laundry, I guess it’s not because thy wear uniforms that I am doing laundry, but that is what I am drying at least, in the wash a load of dark colored delicates. It’s more because I have time to pay close attention right now. Since we share a washer and dryer now with three other people I never like to leave things soaking during the day.

SIL is washing baby clothes regularly.

It’s absolutely pouring out. Mostly I love that fall has finally arrived. I just love the fall, crisp air, unbelievable foliage, delicious recipes, fresh apples, pumpkins and squash, mittens and scarfs, umbrellas, and wind..

The only negative about fall is for DH. While I am inside preparing hearty meals and enjoying the sound of the rain, he is eating sopping wet sandwiches while trying to stay warm in between working at a punishingly difficult job on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

On days like today, I worry for Dh.

On days like today I like to make sure there is tea on when he arrives home, he is partial to chai and something good to eat.

I know he works hard for us, so in return I want him to know we appreciate the comforts.

Does that seem like an oddly pleasant statement regarding DH. I guess you could say that’s where my decision lays. I will try, it’s what is right, and I am going to do my best. Again.

Wow, the rain is loud on my roof, I could listen to the sound all day. It’s so peaceful to me. It calms my soul.

Well Ds is sleeping, I though he might have gotten up as I have a few lights on, but nope he simply pulled the blanket over his head and fell back to sleep.

I had a moment last night, you know one of those ironic time blending moments that make you choke up with the shear volume of emotion.. Last night Dd officially became a girl guide.

It was there sitting in the hall watching her interact with all the little girls.. I guess I just felt moved. She is such a simple child. She doesn’t have alot of wants, or cares for that matter. Innocents. It’s the most precious gift. Her heart is open and so fragile. I love her so much, no words could express the depth of my feelings.

She played, did a few crafts, learned the guiding oath, and made new friends. Guides are all about being a good friend, loving God and loving your country. It’s pretty basic. I was careful to check that there was no hokey religious thread like some of the other ones out there for young girls, you know like Jobs Daughters or whatever.

Dd likes to feel included, many times at school she isn’t so her biggest support network of feel good  incentives is still coming from home. Of course I don’t mind that but in order to truly develop a safe sense of well being, it’s good for her to find things, out side of us that make her feel good to her self.

We shall see, I prayed for her last night of course. I entrust this new road into Mary’s hands.

Well It’s now nearly 6 30am, I think I might get up completely and go back down stairs to make breakfast. I have to wake the kiddos in half an hour.

Have a wonderful day~


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