..11th Station..

Jesus is nailed to the cross.

Christ crucified is sin condemned by the Father. The cross of Christ is the explosion of the awareness of evil. We enter into the relationship with Christ through the awareness we have of our sin. Here is where the fall without end in us is activated: in the absence of the awareness of sin and in the false awareness of sin, because regret and skepticism are not awareness of sin. He who has the sense of his own sin also has the sense of his own liberation.


I usually meditated the longest around the ninth and tenth stations, but that night it was here at the eleventh. It sort of went with the thread of my own life these days. The truth is everywhere now.

So yesterday was another very busy day, I wonder when it will be a day off.. I’ve heard the crude expression, you can have a day off when your dead.. Um, no! I don’t think that works for me. I just need to get a handle on the everyday a little bit better and hopefully things will run more smoothly.

Yesterday, SIL’s parents came to town. It was so we could discuss all of the treachery that has been uncovered in the last few weeks. I’m still surprised BIL and SIL aren’t in jail as week speak actually. For whatever reason they are here rather and well, If that is what is to be, then so be it.

However accountability is a funny thing, I can’t say much without the pot calling the kettle black but lets just say it was a difficult visit.

I didn’t have a huge part so I took it upon my self to cook and at the end of it all, we shared a meal- all of us at the same table. It felt like a moment. I blessed the meal, with a humble little prayer of thanks and even though that may not be their custom it felt right.

I was spent again last night, I fell into bed and was sleeping I am sure before my head even hit the pillow.

I am looking forward to the day ahead. It’s Sunday, it’s beautiful outside and I don’t know, no reason I guess, I am just happy to be here.

Have a wonderful day~


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