..morning action..

Not that kind of action.. I had to call the cops action. My imbecile neighbors where parting ALL NIGHT LONG. What ever, I don’t care, they can do what they like but when the parting is repeatedly waking up my children and me for that matter.. Grrr. Still what ever I can deal, it’s not like this happens everyday.

Well when Dh left for work this morning, he was not quite so happy about the nights intrusions. As he was pulling out of our drive way all you could hear was F this and F that and drama, drama, drama.. so of course he stopped and told them to knock off the swearing, there are alot of kids and elderly people living around here that would not appreciate the obscenities.

Well given it was almost 6am, there were people already up and driving around. My neighbour had just returned home from dropping off her son at Hockey and the paper lady was delivering the news.. yet these people were screaming at the top of their lungs all sorts of profane things.

Dh basically said get inside the house or stop yelling, or leave. They two most offending parties started to get into their vehicle, can you even believe it?! Dh said no way, he told the owner to call a cab. The owner of the house agreed and then said they would quiet down. Dh pulled away from the curb and heading to work, as soon as he was down the street the guy and his screaming again girlfriend got into there truck and started to go.


I called cops. This is a small town, it wouldn’t be hard to find them. How dare they jeopardize my husband, all the other hard working people heading to work, all the hockey kids on the way to the ice rink, the early joggers. Whomever might have been out on the road.

After I called the cops, I called dh to let him know I just called. I got his voice mail. He called me a minute later saying he too called the cops, he had one better than me because while he was standing talking to the people he checked their license plate, which I didn’t have. And while he was talking to the cop, the cop got the call about the durango.. So needless to say I guess the idiots got caught.

What were they thinking? I don’t know? But anyway. I’m up, and have been for quite along time. Today is Terry Fox run. We are going to watch the movie this weekend, it’s kind of our tradition, and it’s hot lunch today. It’s my first one this year, I hope and pray it goes well. Tonight is Ds’s first Junior Bantam football practice. I haven’t written about that yet, but lots of stuff going on and I will write about it later.

I offer this hectic day to God, no matter how it goes , I work for Him :-p

Better get the kiddos up and at em.

Blessings to you today~


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