Yesterday was a success!! I had the exactly right amount of food, everything tasted wonderful, people were happy and full and I came in 205.00 under budget!! Whooo Hoooo!

I have a few more things to do today I am going to take both my kids to the orthodontist this morning, I’ve been asked to coach Basket ball for the grade 4/5’s so that’s at lunch. I think there maybe a little bit of organizing to do in the kitchen, so I’ll do that at some point during the day. The school kitchen I mean, not here. Even though here needs some attention as-well. I have a few thank you cards to write out. Yesterday I was clearly in charge, I don’t mean that in a bad way but since I was organizing everyone worked though me to ‘put out’ the dinner. Since I am so much younger than most of my volunteers I really want them to know how grateful I am for their support. It’s one  thing to do prep on your own but I loved how at the last minute I had people helping bring out the food, cook the food, replenish the food, and then clean everything up. It was perfectly orchestrated and I really want them all to know I am grateful.

After that I am going to tackle my own home. It’s way more disorganized than I am comfortable with.

I have someone coming Friday night to chaperone the YG and at some point today or tomorrow I will create a calendar for all of us to keep so we know the rotating schedule.

This busy is good for me. I know I like my time, my quiet time but in light of the things that are going on at home, I think at the moment I’d rather be busy.

I went to sleep last night around 930. I finally feel a little less zombie like! Amazing. Okay it’s 7 06am I better start getting ready.

Enjoy the day 🙂


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