Another day sooooo tired. I can barely peel my eyes open. You know yesterday I had a nap. I set my watch alarm for 30 minutes and fell asleep immediately. I woke up an hour and a half later. I never do that, sleep during the day I mean. I must have been tired.

So today I’ve got the school BBQ. I have ordered the food like I said, I have my budget and now today I just have to prep all the food and then put it together. I am going shopping first thing to get all the rest that I didn’t pick up yet.

I really hope all goes well.

This is my last ‘big’ thing for awhile. After this project I’ll have a little more time to get reorganized at home. I am still going to run the hot lunch program at school, I am still going to take care of the altar servers, the YG coordination and the walcers but that’s really all. oh and I am still going to coach basket ball and lend a hand with the running club too. In order to accomplish these things I need to keep very organized, so I am being quite choosy in the ways I volunteer my time this year. I want to really focus on my children. I mean after all that is why I am here right; to keep my family together. So I will take advantage of this year and do just that.

Well I better get dressed, I have breakfast in the oven but I need to go wake up the kiddos. Oh BTW I cut my hair this weekend. I had been growing it all year well for the last few years for one reason, to donate it. At the beginning of the summer I cut a few inches which got rid of the split ends and bad hair, then I continued growing and on Friday I measured it again and it was ready. I cut it off and donated to Locks of Love I gave ten inches. It was awesome.

So anyways, apparently I have really curly hair. I knew it was but wow, it is super curly. It’s nice and light -I like it.

Okay time to go.. Have a great day 🙂


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