..not such a great day..

Wow yesterday turned into a doozy.

My little baby niece the one that’s living here, is in the hospital. They suspect meningitis. How does that even happen to someone so small? She went to the hospital around 1 pm yesterday and is still there.  She had such a high fever and her blood count was very off which indicates infection. They have her hooked up to an IV, they had to take a sample of spinal fluid from her plus countless other bits of blood..

My poor SIL. She is worried sick. At least since she is breast feeding they allowed her to stay in the hospital with O.

I went up there last night, there was very good news to report, her fever broke and she seemed much more at peace. Uncomfortable but not in pain anymore. They (The Dr’s.) said she must stay in until Monday to be sure it’s not the meningitis. So they have a long weekend in front of them. I am going to go back up there this evening. Maybe SIL will want to run home and shower. Poor little baby.

After our hospital visit, we decided to head across the inlet up to a slash to watch the fire works.

We got up there around 8 30 just in time to see the harvest moon rise. Beautiful. But that was the only beautiful thing that happened last night. My dog took off. I think he is dead. The terrain is awful jagged rocks, drop offs cliffs, big holes in the ground. We searched last night until almost midnight. He NEVER does this. I suspect he smelled a cougar and took off and maybe fell somewhere and couldn’t get back out. He has never spent the night outside before. At first when we called him we could here faint scratching sounds, after the second hour we couldn’t hear anything. I hope he didn’t suffer.

We left his blanket on the road where we were so if he is alive he will be able to locate that scent. We are on out way up there right now to hike though the general area looking either for him, or for his body. I feel just sick. My Poor DD. First Luciano and now him. This is just awful.


So O is still doing great, she is still in the hospital but the antibiotics are helping. They are continuing to monitor her but she is much, much happier.

The dog has been found, unscathed. Miraculously. He spent the night in the wet and cold after getting lost. This morning when we got back to the original spot we called him again. This time when we called him, we could hear yelping. I think maybe the noises we heard last night were not the dog but a bear/cougar. I bet when the light came this morning he started making his way back to the scented blanket but got trapped. I think he got trapped on a bluff and couldn’t go any further. We hiked about 40 minutes to reach him but all went well and is well. Right now he is curled up safe and sound on his bed at home. Thank you Saint Anthony!

Now we are getting all cleaned up and after 3 we can go back up the hospital. Dh just drove BIL up there to drop off some more stuff for SIL. I hope they can come home sooner than Monday. Poor Baby.

All’s well that ends well~


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