..the cure..

I am waiting for some coffee to perk, having stayed in bed as long as I possibly could. I am a morning person. No matter what time I fall asleep at night my eyes pop open bright and early. This is late for me to rise but I thought it would be a good  time to try and sleep late as school is fast approaching and our company will be here tomorrow.

Dh is here, but if there is no rain in the forecast he will be going back to work. I don’t naturally have mornings with nothing to do..  Dh came out of camp Tuesday night, had Wednesday off with us, went to work here Thursday, Friday and now has Sat, sun off and we’ll find out his fate Sunday night I guess.

I hope he doesn’t have to go back, I would rather he be here to help settle in BIL and SIL.

Okay I just grabbed a coffee.. Yuck! It’s disgusting. I wonder why sometimes coffee out of my maker just tastes weird. Maybe I didn’t make it strong enough. I always use fresh beans but oh well. You know I stopped drinking coffee for quite awhile again. I would rather have a cup of tea in the morning anyway, unless it’s really good coffee like espresso. One cup, that’s it.

I don’t actually have anything to write about this morning. We might be going bungy jumping today. Ds wants to go, so I said I’d go too. I have done it before when I was younger, but that was before my accident and since that accident I have been insanely afraid of heights. Maybe launching myself off a bridge will be the cure. You know the old saying about getting back on the horse.. Maybe this will be the thing that gets me back on the horse??

Hey I just remembered, I got called to work yesterday. I know I said I didn’t get the job, but I did get the sub position. ‘The boss’ said, anytime she was away or the secretary, I’d need to come in. So I guess I’ll get some hours after all.

That was a pleasant discovery.

My kids are up, time to get on with my day.

Oh yeah, we are going Hiking tomorrow, in a place I have wanted to go for a long time. I can’t wait for that.

Tonight is CL. I really hope I can find away to go. I missed the last meeting. I am ahead with the reading and I wanted to touch base with some of the others, about what they have been experiencing after this summers readings. The exercises have been absolutely fabulous. Many changes this summer!! I really want to go.


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