You know I have no idea why I put the title first when I am typing out these posts, who knows where I will end up while writing…

I can’t sleep again. Currently it 2 45 am. Yes I said AM. That’s about a week now or at least a good 4 or 5 days. I am going to start hallucination’s soon. It’s been a good long time since I’ve been this troubled to sleep.

Let look at my ‘signs’

It’s summer. Two weeks ago I was in a deep dark hole, two days ago I realize I am no longer there.

I have been reading alot, crazy alot. Like 3 books in 3 days alot. I’ve spend a fair amount of time reading but not all my time. It’s the speed that I am reading, lightning fast. I am retaining it all though, I could go over all of it with you repeating everything.

My house work is getting done, again with the speed. I’ve even tackled a bunch of off jobs that I usually hate doing.

I’ve been buoyant. That’s unusual. I haven’t been thinking at all, not inward dialogues anyway.. but I guess that could be due to the literature. When I read my mind remains occupied.

Then there is this, awake over and over night after night… My nights and days are getting all screwed up.

My brain hurts.  I think I am going to try laying down again.

BTW the new books I have been reading were super great at first but after the third book the characters decline and blah I am disappointed with the direction the author has taken… I mean really disappointed, like maybe I won’t read the rest of the series.. Grrrrr.

Dh is coming home tomorrow..

I am sitting here staring at my scream as I am typing.. It sort of looks like a ghost is typing for me.. My hands are moving fluidly over the keyboard and I don’t even have to look… when did I get so proficient at typing.. 

I hope I can have everything ready for him..

Tomorrow I have a job interview I really hope i get it.. My mind is jumping around.. I need some sleep.

I think I will try again.. Sleep must come eventually.. right?


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