..almost time..

I just can’t seem to relax at the moment. I put on some back ground music, today is Mark Malletts ‘Let Mercy Flow’.

Well I was truly hoping to sleep in this morning, but it was hopeless. I had a kid on either side of me taking up all the space in my bed, the sun was exceedingly bright, and it was already warm by 7 30 am.

So today I feel anything but buoyant.. I need a dip in the lake or something. Maybe it would help a bit if I ate something too. I just occurred to me that I haven’t eaten anything today.. Food is the last thing on my mind at the moment.

I am very nervous about my interview. I just don’t feel very confident. I trust Gods plan for me, so I plan to try my best and leave the rest to Him.

I think this though is a great idea, listen to some relaxing music, steady myself, pray for awhile and then I will walk in there with my head high.. I will smile and let it happen. I just hope and pray I don’t have that inconsiderate problem where I get all tongue tied.

I knwo I am a good candidate, the job itself I think I would even enjoy, it’s just the interview. I think I am more nervous about it because I’ve never done it before or at least not in more than a decade..

So last night I went to visit my elderly friends. It was a nice visit. We got to talking about books and reading and you know what M told me and I could see the pain on her face that, that was one of the things she missed more than anything, the joy of listening to stories,  falling in love with characters,  closing your eyes and imaging a world totally separate from your self,  being transported into another time , another era, the sympathies that come from draws to the particular plights of each person in the story..

My heart totally identified that feeling and  it was dramatic. And then it dawned on me.. I had the best idea. I pulled my ipod out of my bag and introduced the Walcers to the world of Audio-books. She was so filled with Joy, I can barely describe the look on her face it was absolutely and totally jubilant.

I lent her my ipod because I have several good ones on there, she is starting with the Shack. Remember that one. Great Book. I think though that J will end up purchasing one for  her own..

It was over all a nice evening. I told them that when he picked on up I’d set it all up for them.

Such a simple pleasure you know reading a good book, well any book. Just reading period.

I have an eye appointment today. Finally made the darn thing. I don’t want glasses even though I know I will be needing them. I blind, to the point its cumbersome to my daily activities. I mean I can’t even go to church anymore with out sitting pretty close, I other wise see nothing but a blurry outline. Forget finding road signs or anything else that I might to see distantly… I’ll find out today I made that appointment for directly after my job interview.

Oh and speaking about jobs, the W’s also offered me a part time job. Basically it will be three days away, three hours each time, do help with what ever need to be done. They have a house keeper so I won’t really have to do that, it will be more like preparing meals and organizing and that sort of stuff. They split there time between here and Mexico 6 months and 6 months so this job isn’t really very long term. It will be only until they leave in October. I said yes.

We could really use the money now and if I got he school job aswell that is such a good step in my road to independence. I love that I wouldn’t have to put the kids in day care.. It’s really perfect for me.

Well we shall see. I think I am either going to lay down for 15 or try and get some more house work done..

Wish me luck.. I need it today.

(By Father Anthony Petrusic.)

God, our Father,
I turn to You seeking Your Divine help and guidance
as I look for suitable employment.
I need Your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path,
and to lead me to find the proper things to say
and do in this quest.
I wish to use the gifts and talents You have given me,
but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment.
Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search,
but rather grant me this favor I seek
so that I may return to You with praise and thanksgiving
for your gracious assistance.
Grant this through Christ, our Lord.




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