I think my dog is mad at me.. I went for a run this evening and since I had no babysitter and no running partners I stayed indoors and ran on my treadmill. It wasn’t bad, I am much fitter than the last time I used it. I cranked out 5 k in 30 Min’s with hills and intervals like nothing.

I surprised my self.

This was my first run in over a week. My last one was a longer 8 k I think- through the trails but afterward my knees felt just brutal so I stayed off them in that capacity until now. I have been biking but that’s it. I could feel the familiar soreness creeping in around 26 minutes.. the usual. I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem that distance running is going to be my thing.

Too bad because the high after such a difficult run is nearly indescribable. Such an incredible release.. all my endorphins are pumping full blown and I finally feel liberated.. I love it. The best feeling in the world. Total physical exhaustion.

So back to my Dog..

He sat beside me the entire run- head cocked to one side with an almost disgusted look in his eye.. as if to say, how dare you use that contraption while here I sit doing nothing… No wind in my fur, no brave new magical world to sniff.. the horror… It really was quite comical- to me… I guess I owe him one.. LOL


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