..last day..

Of being 29. I think I enjoyed it thoroughly, the day I meant. Mostly I read today. I got myself into a great book that was hard to put down, so after completing the minimum of the required tasks that I might do on a Friday.. there I sat nose in my book. This is off... Continue Reading →



I think i am finally here. Submission, obedience, resignation what ever you wish to call it. Thy will, not my will. I have been mulling that over for the last while and after quite a bit of time in prayer, I feel very contented. Charity, it's action not intentions. Good intentions really are meaningless when... Continue Reading →


I've been thinking about writing all day today. I guess I have alot on my mind these days. I wish I could just talk it all out but I haven't found an appropriate situation to do so. There is just so much going on all around me these days, it's a little bit hard to keep... Continue Reading →

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