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Port Hardy Forest Fire 2009 044

-Our Home Away From Home-

Well I am near the tip of my island. I am still living the “gypsy” life.. not complaining though, this time spent has been spent well. I am truly finding rest, solas and peace in my current surroundings.

I know I haven’t been inclined to write much lately but I don’t know; everything with Steve, staying with my parents, being back in CR for those two weeks.. It kind of drained me.

I finally feel after a week here that I am flowing creatively again. I am so very glad we moved from that place when we did. I felt my stress level rise just running simple errands.. Too many people.. Too busy..

I’ll try to recollect to the best of my knowledge a little bit of what I have been up too over the last three weeks.

After that day of laundry we did indeed turn around and head back to CR. We stayed at my parents place rather than in our trailer. It was nice to catch up with them and for the children to see their Grandparents for a longer visit.

I did alot of running while we are there. That’s one positive thing I can definitely say for CR. It can be a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors. My Mom lives quite near the ocean so each morning I was able to run along the water. I had prerecorded the LOTH on my I-pod, I absolutely love running and praying simultaneously, then to top that off with the visual.. it was overwhelming .. I enjoyed gazing each morning at the sparkling water the rays of sun beaming down.. the little fishing boats.. I wish I took a picture of that.

Summer 2009 226

There was a few cool things to see in CR, we went to check the carvings for one.

Summer 2009 244

We did too much shopping.. that’s always a problem for me. If I had to assign myself to an aholic anything it would be shopping. I am working on that..

It was very sad all the trauma leading up to Steve’s funeral, that kept us quite busy the last week we spent in CR.

I met some very nice people at the church. It was kind of funny too I thought. I have never felt comfortable there. I always felt .. I don’t know, not catholic enough.. that’s pretty superficial but it’s true. However this time I attended daily mass, like I would have at home and my oh my I fit. It was great. I enjoyed the differences with in the mass. I Love the church itself, with it’s huge Virgin de Guadalupe picture, and the tabernacle is so close to the bench you can practically touch it. I liked that too. Lastly about the church, something I have always loved, the windows behind the Crucifix. I love being there in the winter on a blustery day. The wind is synonymous to me with the Holy Spirit. It seems more tangible. I almost get goose bumps thinking about all the times I have spent watching the wind in the leaves, it’s so powerful.

Right now writing about the church is making me incredible home sick. Today I wanted nothing more that to be at home in my own church, in front of my own tabernacle. Sometimes that’s the place I long to be… I won’t put any details in this blog, but today was hard and I am very home sick. Silly I know.. but it’s sort of complicated.

Two weeks ago I guess I went home again just for a day. Dh had a day off because of Steve and I wanted to go to The School of Community. I am so glad I did. The was a tough time for me, the death was fresh and I was very much in need of my friends. Mostly they didn’t know but it was simply their precence that was comforting. I came home that night and was fulfilled. The next day I attended Mass in my own church, and Fr was speaking about receiving a ‘hug’ so to speak during mass.. Its’ what I did get. I came back to CR fully recharged.

After we left CR.. last weekend was another crazy trip home. This time we left the kids in CR and headed home after the funeral. We came to our house packed up some last minute odds and ends grabbed our trailer and made it back to CR near one am. It was a very, very long day.

After picking up the remaining stuff from my parents and the kids we headed out. I think we arrived here around 4 30 pm Sunday afternoon.

This week has been good, there is a ton of wild life here and everyday the kids and I are finding things to do. It’s a lovely place to be if you like the out doors.

Summer 2009 251

We are kind of in a bay, but you can still see the open ocean.. which leads to this..

Summer 2009 339

Crazy weather.. there was such a storm brewing you could see the rain and wind but it didn’t enter the bay..

Summer 2009 306

Summer 2009 035

We found many places to swim the above picture was take at Link river, which we had to get lost to find, the kids have discovered a cool rope swing in the river around the corner from us, we discovered an awesome lake with an awesome dock.. I love this place.

Summer 2009 015

I guess I could go on a bit. There have been lots of beautiful things to see.

I’ll keep posting the positives in this blog. That what I have decided to do, this blog will be for the random everyday stuff that I am into and my other blog will be for the in depth harder things I write about. So if there isn’t much going on over here.. well I guess you know why.. and if there isn’t much going on over there, Good. Thank you Jesus.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I am especially happy, I need Jesus in the Sacraments. I missed that tangible presence this week. I am trying to see, but sometimes it’s hard.

~Good Night.


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