(this is the eulogy Dh and I co-wrote for Steve’s funeral, such a hard day.. he will be missed always)










Life is a journey, along the way many different and interesting people cross our paths.

Some join us for a reason, to teach us something,
Some for a season, to be with us as we pass through something that we must not endure alone,
and still, others are with us for a life time, always here guiding us.

Though Steve’s life was cut short, He was in mine for a reason.

When you spend time with a person, living or working day in and day out,
if you pay attention; you begin to notice what is most important in their lives…

From the very beginning -it was obvious how much Steve’s family and his friends meant to him.
Usually… there was some talk about His “zuzu” as well..

He constantly shared with pride, his stories always filled with humor and gladness.

After awhile, not only do you get to know what’s important but
you find your self acquiring habits, that mimic each other.

You know when I first met Steve, I didn’t think it was possible for a guy to be that nice!

I actually thought he was acting, I thought is was a show.

It didn’t take long though, before it became blindingly apparent that,

Steve was genuine.

He really set the bar, Steve constantly went beyond kindness…

His light hearted, carefree, exuberant out look on life inspired me to try a little harder to find the positive,
to find the goodness..

No matter the situation –Steve found the silver lining.

He always went the extra mile to help not only friends but anyone that needed it.

I wonder if Steve knew some mystery of life that we do not? A better way to live, a choice to do good, to be happy, to truly enjoy living.

Steve taught me an important lesson, By his attitude and his vitality to his untimely death..

Life is Fleeting!

It is only what you make it, good or bad.

I’ll try to duplicate his behavior, we all should.
So that the legacy he leaves behind becomes inspiration.

If more souls acted as selflessly as Steve did our world would most certainly be a better place.

–I’ll miss you buddy, —

Rest in Peace.


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