..on and on and on..

Life goes on.. I can’t think very coherently at the moment so stringing sentences together may be a challenge.. Why is that you ask? It’s Friday night, it’s late, I am a young healthy, 29 year old woman.. No I am not intoxicated.. Just very tired, so tired in fact it seems that I am quite unable to sleep.

What a week, I am not complaining. I have had nothing to complain about compared to those around me.. It’s horrible. I sort of want to write about the travesty in my mind but on the other hand it seems too sad.

One of Dh’s close friends was killed yesterday. I don’t want to use the term ‘passed away’. When you pass away it implies a certain level of preparation, expectant even.. leaving this life peacefully, joyfully awaiting the next. No, he did not ‘pass away’, He was killed.

There are several gruesome details that keep invading my thoughts. It must have been a terrible way to die. I am so sorry for that.

He was bucking a windfall in half. A tree the wind had previously blown over.. With a wind fall the roots are still attached. Depending on the tree the roots could be 15 or so feet across, mixed up with dirt and rock.. it looks like a wall when the tree has blown over. His accident happened when he cut the tree in half, the piece not connected to the root came at him, he tripped backwards fell beneath the massive spot where the root had previously been and as the tree knocked into it it stood the remaining tree still connected to the root back up. Steve was trapped underneath. He was squished, most likely he died quickly.

Bryce another good friend of Dh’s was his falling partner. He did a radio check which is done every half an hour. When Steve didn’t answer he stopped his saw to listen for Stevens saw.. all he could hear was idling.. Since he wouldn’t respond to the radio call, Bryce walked over to check what was up. It was a terrible site, all that was to see was Steve’s face. The rest of his battered and broken body was under the tree rood wad.

Bryce is a young guy two years younger than me, he is a small town boy with limited life experience. When he came upon that scene he full out panicked. When help arrived, it took hours to get the mass off Steve’s body. The boys, the first aid first responders, the nearby loggers all had to work together using come a longs and pulleys. They had to climb on top of mound to cut away pieces of the tree. It was heart wrenching, Those boys saw too much that miserable day, losing a friend in such a brutal way, then having to physically remove his body.. Those images are burned into there minds probably forever.

We all hear about fallers dying, it’s part of the gamble. It’s a risk everyday. Steve was a good faller, they all are, so why him? Why that day? What for?


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