Taking the Road Less Traveled

July 2009 033

That’s us these days.. kind of an adventure I’d say.. Living like Gypsies.. Here and there following the flow of working opportunities.. We are at home today, but not for long, I’d wager our time in the Valley to be less than 24 hours. We have come home tackled a huge pile of laundry I think I am on load number 7 and I still have one to go.. Now not 24 hours later we are heading out again back up the island.. Only this time our destination shall not be so remote.

I think we will stay with my parents for 4 or 5 days and then God willing we will be back at least 2 weeks in the Valley.. However.. I’ll get here when I get here. That’s about all I can guarantee.

What happened to the beautiful weather? It was sooo nice out for a stretch..

July 2009 049

We hiked, fished and swam and even went spelunking!! It was sooo cool. I’d never gone caving before.. it was intimidating a little bit. Very cool, literally. It had to be at least 30 degrees cooler underground.

July 2009 122

We had had lots of opportunities to visit with good friends, lots of time to spend with family that we missed, lots of time to watch the children playing a laughing.. It was a wonderful week.

To finish off the week we witnessed God’s wrath.. Seriously. I watched something happening that I haven’t seen since I was a child spending summer in Ontario.

Lightning 1

Lightning 2


We awoke around 12 :30 am Sunday night.. to that! The thunder rolled it shook the trailer so much it felt like we were next to a fright train. Then the lightning.. it was magnificent.. One crash after another and another, all night long..  Needless to say, it started to pour.. that was the end.

The next day we packed up our site and headed for home. I ended up finishing all my laundry, and we are about to leave.. So so long valley.. see you again..

Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time… Thy will be done.


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