..the exam essay..

I haven’t had the time until now to type out my essay that I used for my exam last month. I had to challenge an English 12 Exam to see whether or not I might need to do a refresher, an upgrade, or possibly nothing to meet my Prerequisite criteria. I ended up passing with 99% I went above the Grade twelve level and placed First year University English. So needless to say I did not have to do any upgrading at all. I had to choose a topic out of 10 random things, I had 60 minutes and this is what I came up with..


[Compare Two Vacation Destinations]

Heaven on earth. I have been so fortunate to experience this in my world, Who am I but a girl blessed beyond riches. When I think about comparing two vacation destinations, I am pulled to express to you why I am going to take you with me to Grandmas’ House..

Two Grandmothers, separated by seven thousand miles, two vastly different cultures and a life time of opportunities. To me though as a destination for vacation they both meet such dogmatic criteria; ultimate comfort, relaxation and a general surrounding oneself in life’s moments.


Escuinapa, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Abuelita lives in a small rural town in coastal Mexico. She is close to the ocean, surrounded by an environment rich in agriculture. This beautiful land is synonymous with simple people, simple past times and simple pleasures. Escuinapa is rich in centuries old routines and in almost unequivocally known for it’s friendly environment.

My favorite part in being truly here are the nights spent surrounded with family and and friends alike.

As twilight holds hands with day it gently entrusts us into the arms of night. Where day is hard working and trial, night comes knocking with mystery and magic. We give gratitude to day and we enter into the indigo of night.

As we dress for evening, out out windows you might hear the first peels of laughter or shoes pattering the cobblestone streets all moving to out mutual destination. From all sides people are emerging, light hearted and expectant.

The bells ancient and deep ring in vespers. As we all kneel together, We can almost feel St Francis echoing.. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. The unity is vast; children, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, fathers, all praying together. A muted Gregorian chant emanating through the arches, in communion with our beloved St Francis, the spirit of God flowing anonymously in the hearts of his children.

Afterwards a celebration, food and dancing and a sea of faces, each person with their unique distinct story. Eyes glimmering in the moonlight, shadows flitting with the spirit of adventures, labors, discipline and love. This is a piece of heaven right here on earth.


As I travel to our next destination, we are going north east..


Evansville. Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada.

Gram lives in a cottage located on an island surrounded by a body of tepid turquoise water. Her cabin is nestled into a secluded sea of wildflowers. Here the hard wood is abundant, and simple country lanes connect you neighbors and life long friends.

Evansville is a magical place, if you feel inclined there are magnificent oak trees waiting to be climbed and post fences that stretch beyond the sunny horizon. You will surely walk past remnants of the past in crumbling old farm houses and vivid green pastures.. Sometimes as you are walking by if your heart is still, you are able to hear the whispers, of ghosts from the centuries past, laughing and playing and toiling..

Everything moves fluidly here. All in God’s time. Everything has a place and a purpose and a season and a prime. People are kind, hardworking, living off the land.. Here by choice, with the singular knowledge that life is good. Life is what you make of it.

My favorite time in Evansville is dawn, pre-dawn even. I make my way out the back door with my morning coffee, the sky fades from black to light before my eyes, violet to blue, to yellow, to orange and pink and red, a hazy back slash of beauty.. I am tempted to marvel.. On in Gods hands could the intricacies of this monotonous creation come about with such beauty and grace. It’s a miracle to watch, as the sun illuminates a new day. In the distance a fawn meandering in the flowers, a mother doe nudging her along.. Birds, morning song birds singing their little cries of joy.. The leaves gently rustle around, a slight breeze of the Spirit runs effortlessly, calling for you.. Dawn breaks and I am here to witness.

The land is rich, it’s a fruitful as an artists palate, Your senses become engulfed as you fully appreciate your splendid surroundings..  the Presence of the Holy Spirit rejuvenates the  soul, as you attest to the simplistic reality that is encompassing you.

Sitting there alone with your coffee, it will become apparent that you are only one small part in the unfathomable design. Peace at last..


Either location, at first seemingly worlds apart yet as much as this is supposed to be a comparison, truly how can I compare heaven as I see, experience it, am blessed to have lived it here on earth? How can heaven be compared? Heaven in two locations upon our beautiful Earth..

The End


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