..good friends..



I am lucky to have great friends. I know it -that they were all placed in my path for good reason. I have avoided reaching out lately sort of subconscienly I think and I was suffering for it, and tonight I reached out and there they were!!

I did run this evening with the ‘professionals’ We were short one, but I ended up seeing her a little later on. First though I walked for about an hour with RCMP Deb. We had a nice long catch up. She is the greatest.

I was surrounded with listeners tonight and I feel great.

After I walked with her I hit the trails with Teresa and Fr. A. I did pretty good, despite not being out all week. Teresa and I stuck together and Fr. A was way out ahead.. as usual. Man-he can run. I maintained a conversation the entire run, that’s a first! The only problem I encountered was near the very end my knees got quite sore. I kept going but I think I’ll ice them and maybe even take an anti inflammatory tonight.

I am in the middle of a very good book so I think I am going to have a very hot shower and snuggle up in my very warm Jami’s and relax..

Tomorrow is the YG wind up, I still have no idea what I am going to make.. I want to do something cool, but what??

I’ll think it over tonight, tomorrow after mass I am meeting Deb H, we are doing some last minute stuff for the Alter Server wind up.. Lots to do, can’t wait 🙂

~Good Night~


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