..rain and the baptist…

Rain Is good. But not on the very first day of summer!! No, I think it’s good. And it even feels like a push to me to actually stay inside.. maybe I’ll stay in my PJ’s for real. Could you even imagine. I promise not to do anything physical today, no lifting, bending, or bouncing. I really haven’t rested much since I hurt myself, and it’s already been about 5 days. Yesterday the pain was better and worse. In the morning it was better, later on after prayers it was worse, in the afternoon it was better again, so I walked last night it felt okay then too. It’s still quite tender though, because near the end of my walk I just tried to jog a little it felt okay too but I could feel that sensation where a nerve is being compressed.. So anyway needless to say, I am not healed yet.

I am finding it sooo hard to stop, to be this inactive. It’s kind of driving me nuts. However I do not want to be injured all summer long either and I already committed to the Race in Victoria in October. Oh yeah maybe I didn’t mention I was thinking about doing it. So yes that will be my first ‘race’ cool huh?!

Another thing, I am adding glucosamine and chondroitin to my regiment of vitamins. Yuck I seriously despise taking all pills, and these ones are up there because they are large.. but the positive is that in about two months time, I should have a little better resiliency to this back and knee problem for that matter.

On top of that I am going to try drinking more milk. It’s funny, I have always loved drinking milk and in the last few years I sort of stopped. I will add calcium rich foods to my diet, including milk.

Healthy, takes effort. Like all the rest of life’s good things, truly good for you things. Effort and patience is required.

Okay let’s chat about St John the Baptist.

I love Solemnities, they are the easiest to follow in the LOTH because everything in pretty much in one place..

I have always admired this saint, for his Humility. As this is the virtue that I am working on within myself, he is such a beautiful way to bring inspiration into my day. St. John the baptist will help to remind me, of the grace there is in humility, that in our world humility is a difficult virtue to achieve/endure but even in the point, it doesn’t really matter because while the world is revolving and we are entwined humility is what will keep me from becoming ensnared.

You know, maybe it was special the way St John came in to this world, under an impossible circumstance, To an old woman, barren until her what like 90th year, then at the same time when Elizabeth meets with our Blessed mother, the baby leaps for joy.. He knows, that baby knows even in the womb that something mighty is happening. He helps his mother believe. Then as an adult St John helps others to believe as well. I love that he lived like a Hermit, that life style attracts me greatly.. It’s such a simple existence. I should correct, I love the idea of it. I doubt I am strong enough to actually live that way.. Most of the time anyway.

St John, preaches about sin and redemption, penance and repentance. Definitely my kind of sermon.. He is trying to express to his fellow man the evils of the time, the evils waiting to trap and ensnare them. I love the part while St. John is baptising Jesus, that is sooo symbolic. Who can baptize our Lord.. He is without sin?? AND during the baptism of our Lord, His Father, Our Father, sends down the Holy Spirit &  He speaks.. can you even imagine?

John openly acknowledges Jesus’s greatness. I know I am leaving out a million pieces but these are my favorite parts. Did you know Dd’s middle name is Elizabeth. I love this story. Sort of sad, but did you also know that St John was beheaded on MY BIRTHDAY. Not really a good thing to be thought of in relation to someones birthday. Especially his story. What a wretched girl. It’s seems like a soap opera story, or at the very least the sort of drama that would take place now a days.  It’s good testimony though, you should always support what you believe in, no matter the cost. That’s what he did and it cost him his life. (even though it seems fishy, I bet that awful king Herod was just trying to get him out of the way, in case he was the Messiah everyone was talking about.)

I wanted to share one more thing with you. Yesterday I was meditating on Psalm 8, which apparently is slightly similar to my recent expression of faith.. Check out today’s Psalm from the Morning Prayer.

Psalm 63:2-9 — A soul thirsting for God

O God, you are my God, for you I long;
for you my soul is thirsting.
My body pines for you
like a dry, weary land without water.
So I gaze on you in the sanctuary
to see your strength and your glory.

For your love is better than life,
my lips will speak your praise.
So I will bless you all my life,
in your name I will lift up my hands.
My soul shall be filled as with a banquet,
my mouth shall praise you with joy.

On my bed I remember you.
On you I muse through the night
for your have been my help;
in the shadow of your wings I rejoice.
My soul clings to you;
your right hand holds me fast.


I love it! And with that I will begin my day. I have the last room to complete in my complete reorganization of this house.. Dun dun dunnnn.. My office.. If you don’t see another post from me in a few days, contact the authorities.. I may be buried alive.. 🙂

Remember, Nothing is far from God. St. Monica ~Have a blessed day



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