..happy Sunday..

So I wanted to try something..

Yesterday I had a really good day, my house was full of kids and I was kept busy all day long. I was thinking about *keeping busy* several projects I could so to make the next 5 -6 weeks pass as quickly as the last. Not that I enjoy time passing quickly, nor do I want to be wasteful of time, I was just thinking, for me sometimes busy is a good distraction. If I do a project, than I’ll remain busy at the same time as I am being productive… I can get a lot accomplished in 40 days.

Anyway, just a thought.

I hung my first load of laundry on the line yesterday!! I was so excited.. I use my clothes line from now until fall. I know it’s kind of unheard of nowadays, (as using a clothes line takes a bit more effort and a tiny bit more time) but you know if there is a slight breeze those clothes dry as fast as in the dryer.. It’s energy efficient, so I am being *green* and I love the way clothes smell and feel after being dried on the line. Now it really feels as though winter might be over..

Yesterday I baked some Muffins, and tried an new recipe.. Well I suppose not all can be great.. I made a chocolate peanut butter cake… Blach, it was so disgusting!!! I think I used the wrong kind of chocolate, or it had spoiled because it tasted AWEFUL!!! Good thing, when ever I create a recipe I only make a tiny bit. Usually it turns out so I make more.. Not yesterday, I will definitely not be making more..

Later in the afternoon I took the girls to the park by our house. It’s right on the main road, but it’s deep so if you are sitting near the river you can barely hear the cars going by. There is a bench right by the water, it faces the sun and was so warm to sit there. I forgot I liked this spot. It’s a great place to escape to, for some peace and quiet.

I used to come here before, now though I have been going the other way when I wanted to be alone. To the Cemetery. It’s so peaceful in there, so quiet.. obviously, but I often walk there when I need to think.

The girls had a great time, playing at the park and then near the water. They seems to get along really quite well. They seem to have a lot in common. So over all the park was a success, they had lots of fun.

I found some really pretty flowers in the park, I think they might be called Lady Slippers. I’ve sent a picture to my Gram, she will be able to identify them for me.

After the park we came back home, the kids tried out the muffins, and I started dinner. Last night I made Salmon in a glaze, scalloped potatoes and cauliflower. It was good, I like potatoes that way, but due to thier richness, I really don’t make them often.

Last night was spent quietly, I was really tired again. I think I only have so many hours in me.. I am definitely not a night owl. I can say FOR SURE I am an early bird. By 9 30 I was sleeping. Dd slept in her own bed last night and I didn’t even wake up once last night, I was started awake at 5am because a magnet fell off the fridge.. Weird, but I fell back to sleep easily and got up for good at 6 30. That’s a perfect time for me to wake up.

I am happy it’s Sunday, I’m looking forward to the rest of the day 🙂 Dh is working and there is a fun little concert for the children this afternoon. That reminds me I should prep dinner this morning before I go out, since I might not be home until late afternoon…

My thought for today..

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. -Mother Teresa.


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