Can you even believe it I did it again, I threw my back out. Yesterday was great, everything went well, I put my nose to the grindstone, and got it all done.

I had such a spiritually rewarding day, I’ll write more about that a little later on because I sort of want to type out my reflections.. as a means to process my thoughts.

First however, I’ll write about this crazy back problem.

Like I had been writing all week, I’ve been unusually busy, trying to prepare our home for my BIL and SIL to move in. On Monday when I was organizing under the stairs I was picking up an ancient computer monitor, you know those really heavy old and bulky kind and I was trying to putting a bit further under the stairs. I was on my knees and I was leaning out completely supporting my self with my lower back. When I went to get up, ouch! That was my first sign of pain. I was more careful after that and the pain subsided.  Fast forward to Thursday, not much to do in the lifting department until then.

 I went running, after dinner that night, in the trails and I found the intensity hard to keep up with so I was really, really pushing myself. I was pounding the ground, so the impact from bouncing was a greater than my usual pace. I had a bit of trouble with my knee near the end. (that’s a separate problem, when I was in high school I tore my right ACL) I always notice when I am running/hiking my knee is sore after the declines. That night I was fine, went to bed with no pain just a bit of general soreness.

Friday morning, I went to Mass. I knelt down as I began my prayer and holy wow, pain in my knee. I actually gasped out loud as I was so surprised. I figured a way to lean comfortably as to not be too distracting, but when I went to get up the decrease in-friction hurt almost worse than the original impact..

Fast forward again, there was only Adoration until noon yesterday due to a funeral, so after mass I wet home, did a quick tidy walked off the pain and got the rest of my stuff ready for the family BBQ which I was prepping that after noon. Around 11 I went back to the church, I tried my knee and it was still too sore, so I sat quietly and didn’t try to kneel any more than it was necessary. After my hour (which is what I am going to write about in detail later) I left and headed to the grocery store to pick up my order of food and meat for the family BBQ.

This was essentially my first mistake. I had several huge and awkward boxes to pick move, pick up again, move again and so on. The meat must have been about 50 pounds. I was supposed to get help doing all the prep and chopping but do to an over sight then some miscommunication I ended up spending the day alone. No biggie, but all of the prep ended up taking a bit longer than I had thought. I think I stood in the kitchen about 3 hours. I wasn’t wearing runners, just some flat nonsupporting shoes. I think simply standing on concrete in bad shoes was another piece of the problem.  After school another Mom, stopped in and lent a hand, with her working as well we finished the remainder of the prep by 4.

We parted ways, I had to run back home and pick up my crock pot, I thought I’d have been done by 3 not four so all I really had time to do was run in the house get the kids a drink, grab the pot and run back. I have Cody and Anna as well as my two so it was probably funny to them to see me all rushing around. When we got back to the school as families arrived I accepted all the help that was offered. It was perfect. many hands make light work I always say. We had the table erected, dressed and ready by 5, the BBQ’s were going full steam ahead and everything went smooth as butter!!

It was a fantastic meal, Mrs. K  led us in a prayer that as far as I could tell could only have been guided by the Holy Spirit, and we enjoyed an evening of fellowship, great food and decent weather!!

I had lots of help to clean up and everyone was happy. What a special way to end a year of hard work and growth.

Fr. A led his YG away from the festivities at their usual time and it just all seemed to work out.

I arrived home around 7ish, still fine at this point. I’ll admit I was quite tired, physically and mentally. I had been in panic mode since 2:30 Thursday when I realized none of the food had been ordered. By 7 pm Friday I was without voice, LOL. It’s been awhile since I lost my voice. I had several very large drinks of water and was ready to call it a night. Deb was planning to drop Ds off at home after YG so I didn’t even have to go out again. I got into my most snugly clothing.. My red jogging pants a t shirt and a fleece sweater… Yes I know it’s summer but I like to be warm.

I was just about to relax when Dh asked me for some help moving one last thing in the house. You see yesterday DH went to CR and picked up the remainder of BIL’s stuff, it’s all in their room now but they don’t arrive until after the 1st. Dh had to do that because he is leaving for camp tomorrow and won’t be back to move them in. Anyway he asked me to help him move a dresser in to the house. No sweat. I am usually pretty strong for a girl.. I did it but it was tough, way heavier than I expected and I was using all my force to make it from outside, up the steps, inside and then into their room. As soon as I started to let it go, I set it down and when I released it.. Boom that’s when it happened.

I suppose this is a more acceptable story than last time, when all I did was get up to clear my plate.

I was in a super massive amount of pain, I created my floor bed once again and have been here ever since. I woke up off and on last night. I finally broke down and took some Advil around 5 30am. I sent an email at that time to my running friends to let them know I couldn’t make it. I also passed a message to Teresa so she could let the other CL members know I too would not be able to make it. I got up for the day around 7, and since I have been intermittently resting and working. I try and get up do a couple of things then lay down and rest.

Like I said DH is leaving tomorrow, so he is quite busy preparing for that, I have to get my part done one way or another. The kids have been great, I have been directing and they are helping me lift and carry things.

Well I think I have rested enough, time to get back at it. I want to switch over a load of laundry.

 Those of you that are reading my words; Have a blessed day~

Just think, now I will have some time to catch up on some reading. 🙂


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  1. Hello,

    Whenever I go through difficult periods of change, one or both of my knees act up. My chiropractor once told me that pain in the knees can be a physical reminder of a change in direction. He’s also the person who told me the lower back can act up as a physical reminder of worry about money problems.

    These turned out to be true for me, but I have also noticed with loved ones, that back pain seems to flair when they’re worrying on a deep level.

    Thought I’d pass this along.

    Pam B

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