..the end..

The show is over..

She did great! What an incredibly long week though. Now it’s Sunday and both kids are busy, Dd is at a friends house and Ds is still at the retreat. I think he should be home in about an hour or so. I really can’t wait.

All weekend despite my extreme busyness, I have had a consistent sick feeling in my stomach. I find it truly difficult to let them go. On Friday night, I was in the audience and dd was back stage with the other dancers for like three hours. She loved it and had a great time, but I the worry wort didn’t enjoy it at all. Then at 8 am sat. morning, i dropped Ds off and he headed up to a mountain.. for a retreat in a very dangerous environment, with a group of strangers, a  mother chaperone and a bunch of kids I don’t know..all by himself… I bet if I checked I’d actually have some grey hair now!! I was thankful though two things happened that made me feel a tiny bit better, i spoke to Fr. A and he said he’d personally watch out over Ds and the better news is a last minute chaperone went a long, a very quiet mom, but one that would undoubtedly watch and care for my son, like she would her own. Thank you God~

So back to letting go.. It’s so hard, and I don’t like it at all.

So last night was my turn chaperoning back stage, it went smoothly- I’m glad I could do it. I just loved Dds finally number, it was another tap piece, it was from River Dance. It was open to the entire school so there were so many dancers all taping at the same time.

The above video is essentially what the kids did.

It was very, very cool. She had lots of fun and did great.

I still have a few more busy days ahead, my house is almost unrecognizable due to its unruly appearance, 6 more days until summer holidays !!! I can’t wait.


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