..dance, dance..


Dance, dance where ever you may be..

Again this song is stuck in my head. Do you know why?? Because last night was the first technical rehearsal for Dd’s dance recital and the final number is a Celtic dance set to that song. It’s very River Dance with all the tap shoes going at the same time. Quite cool!!

So this morning I went to Mass, then came home because I forgot my grocery list and now I am going to go shopping. One of my least favorite things to do. Tonight Ds has his own YG Mass, I said he could go alone. We shall see how that goes.

DH has been driving me crazy again. He can be so annoying sometimes, I wish he would stop talking to me, or at least I wish he would simply say what he means and mean what he says.. everything else is just wasting my time. That sounds a little cold hearted, bit sheesh a girl can only take so much. I am just glad I guess that he is back to work.

Tonight there is no dance, tomorrow is dress rehearsal and Friday we are off to Victoria during the day. It’s a field trip for Dd’s class. To St. Ann’s then the park and then finishing with the museum. After that we have to rush home, well safely rush home to get Dd to her first night of performance. My Mom and Sister are planning to come up Friday. Then Sat. Ds leaves for his retreat at 8 am and I think my Mom is going home that day too. That night is the second night of the show and I am chaparoning back stage. Then Sunday, Ds arrives home in the afternoon and we can all relax for a little bit. Monday is Ds’s field trip to the beach.  Tuesday is the end of all sports.. Yippee!! Then I can concentrate on the Family BBQ at the school on Friday.

So um yeah, a little bit of stuff going on..

I think my BIL and SIL are planning to arrive that week as well, or the last week of June. There will be a ton of adjustments, but God willing it will all work out.

I better get going, I still have a fair amount of stuff to do today..

Hope all is well~


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