..i did it..

Well. I did it. I ran that is. With the professionals.. Oh my goodness. They are tough. I kept up but just barely. It was lots of fun though, and a good measure for me. I realize my fitness level still needs some improvement, but the only way I see to improve is to keep at it. Pain and torture.. here I come.. I am sore today, all my muscles even in my upper body. I think my diet is good, if anything I think I may need a bit more fuel. I have really been strict for awhile now with what I am consuming. It’s seems though that food is a good area in my life to work on discipline, and actually that mentality, the disciplined mentality can be carried on into other areas. That’s new. I have always considered my self to be mentally weak. I am proud of myself, not overly because it’s still a struggle everyday but I am happy to report, at least small improvements.

I think Running on trails is way more of a work out then on pavement. I can say for sure I like it better. It scenic. The area we ran was so lush and green. We found a huge beaver pond in the middle of nowhere. We saw three beavers messing around in the water, that was cool and to top of the beauty that surrounds us, as we got into our cars and drove home, the most beautiful sun set filled the entire sky. Talk about pleasuring all the senses.

So I am not running at all today, in fact my muscles are sore. I ended up running about 9.5 or 10 k yesterday. Not all together, 6 in the morning and then 4 more last night. I haven’t felt muscle soreness since I first began. With exercise, some muscle soreness is a good thing.

Today after HM, Dd has her track meet. Then tonight is the YG talent show. It should be a good day. I think MIL is leaving today and it’s supposed to be a bit cooler. I better go get the kids up. Enjoy the day..

Oh funny story.. I heard the strangest thing.. apparently if you need a cure all for what ails ya.. simply a glass of straight Vodka, will fix you right up.. Can you even imagine… ?? Well whatever works I say, and after a glass of vodka I doubt there would be anything in your system to survive..

Happy Friday 🙂


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