..the Beatles..

I love the Beatles. I’d say about 90% of their music is great, you can always find a song to fit your mood.. it’s “something”. LOL

Currently I am back and forth between ‘All you need is love’ and ‘You can get by with a little help from your friends’..

Kind of practical.. don’t you think? Hands down my three favorite Beatles songs are; Hey Jude, Blackbird, and Across the Universe. This is useless trivia, but alas I am awake way to early and am not really in a deep thinking mode.


Did you know John Lennon’s sons, name was Julian. This song was actually written about and for him and not a woman. Very sweet.

I can’t find an acceptable version of Black Bird at the moment… But trust me, it’s good.


 I know most people hate this version, but I think it’s beautiful.

My window is open of course because it’s been so hot, there must be a billion birds out there.

Dd and I are going to Parksville today. She has to see the Dr. at 11:40am. We didn’t have to wait to long to see him which is good. I wonder what he’ll say. I hope he doesn’t suggest the permanent tubes.

So yesterday was a bust I didn’t run, I didn’t really do any kind of exercise. It was too hot out. 34 here in PA, my back yard thermometer read 44, can you even believe it. I must have done 5 loads of laundry, they dried in about 15 minutes each on the line. You know it’s hot when the clothes you have hung out, remain soft and warm, rather than stiff and cold from the clothes line, when I was folding everything off the line It felt as though I had just taken them out of the dryer.

Dh is on early shift so he arrived home around 1:45. We talked abit yesterday and figured out some compromises. It’s better for the moment to be a little bit distant. Polite conversations are the focus at the time being.

Last night while Ds was at football, I was chatting with Deb H. She and I planned the year end Alter Servers wind up. It will be nice for the kids. We changed the plan a little, but we are still planning to go to Parksville after Mass but rather than the mini golf, there is this great park with a beach attached and we are going to plan a picnic. We will take care of everything, it will be good fun.

She and I just had a good visit, she is definitely in my listener category too. I am happy to say I am really forming a nice little group of friends. Her, Teresa, Julie.. Nice ladies. She is in the same line of work that I am going to school for in the fall. She told me some more about it, I had some good questions which she was able to answer. She told me of the course load comparatively between the 10 month or to year program. It’s a bit scary, lots of homework. I know I can do it but yikes, it will be challenging for sure.

I think I am finally going to accept their (Deb, Teresa, and Fr.A)offer to go running, the first time will be Thursday evening. I hope I can keep up. It will be good to run with others becasue I would like to find out how my endurance is, how my pace is and honestly I just want to find a partner to go with. They go twice a week, right now, and I usually go 3 times. I don’t know. Either way, I have warned all three of them collectively and separately that I am NOT a professional. LOL. They all seem to be under the delusion that since I am the youngest that I should be in the best shape.. I think they will be mistaken.. oh well, I’ll try my best.

You know I have really found running to be quite beneficial to my level of stress. Sometimes when I run I pray the rosary or the office hours. That’s a good combination- physical activity and mental prayer. It’s amazing actually. Sometimes I listen to music and other times I just listen to the steady drum of my heart echoing the sound of my shoes beating against the pavement keeping time with my breathing. I see what people mean when they love it.

It’s June 3, 22 days remaining.. Well since it’s only 5:14 am I think I might close my eyes for a few more minutes..

Hope today brings you peace and comfort.


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