Do all the good you can.

By all the means you can, in all the ways you can.

In all the places you can, At all the times you can.

To all the people you can, as long as ever you can.


~ John Wesley


Those seem to be good Christian words to live by? Don’t you think? They have been running through my head over the last few days. You see, I have been trying to discern what we should do. For once this has nothing to do with me personally, nothing to do with my personal life.. When someone is in need of help, you should try to help, right?


On Saturday evening during mass, I had such emotion coursing through my body I could not hold back my tears, there they came burning down my cheeks, betraying my heart. You see there was a man, a Deacon that was speaking to all of us about an organization that helps children and people in serious need. The organization was called Chalice. He spoke with such dramatic effect that I do not believe I was the only one with betrayal tears..


You know this is an issue close to my heart, children in general, but children or people suffering through great physical poverty.. I really have a hard time standing idly by. It broke my heart listening,  as my mind had already been preoccupied with a problem much closer to home than Peru or the Ukraine, it made me think with great sadness of the circumstances that surround us daily. We live a free country, that is rich beyond measure.. and yet still people suffer. Children die everyday due to neglect. Everyday people in our good country suffer due to illness, addiction or a concession of bad choices. Don’t you feel that it’s important to recognize the suffering amongst us?


Mother Teresa once said; If you can’t feed a hundred people, than just feed one.


That’s what I plan to do. I said yes in my heart before I even finished hearing the proposal. If I can help then yes I will try.


Here goes; We are going to open our home to some people that are in a difficult spot. They are suffering with a procession of obstacles. Both are dealing with job loss, they have no money to pay their rent or any of their other bills, there is a deep and dark depression that has settled over them, they are dealing with mild physical disabilities, fairly severe obesity and in amongst all of that they are bringing a child into their lives in approximately 6 weeks. They have lost their will or so it seems. The mother is barely taking the appropriate measures to ensure the well being of her baby. Right now they are living in a place frequented by prostitutes and drug cartel. They simply don’t have the means to provide at this time even the basic essentials for themselves or their new baby.


It absolutely breaks my heart to see them. I simply can not turn a blind eye, I have been given the opposing argument that they are in this position because of their own stupidity, that they are suffering the consequences of there own actions.. maybe that’s true, but what about their child? That baby is innocent to all the trials of it’s parents, what choice does it have to be brought into this word completely dependent on two people whom at this time are barely able to care for them selves??


I want to help.


But..I am scared to help. I have fear in my heart that it will be too much. I have fear in my heart that my moods which have been uncharacteristically buoyant will buckle under the stress and shatter into the dark pieces that ruled me for all those years before. I know this is right and for the best, I want to open my heart and home, with no reservation. I know personally things have been difficult and unpredictable lately, my life isn’t exactly smooth sailing at the moment but what if it never is? I don’t think it’s right to put someone else on hold while I am fixing my self. (to an extent, yes it is but in this situation I think we must rise above)


 We are all called to Serve. An attitude of service isn’t something you can schedule into your life, you either recognize the needs around you and act or you don’t. It’s simple.


Love your neighbor, as you love your self. In this world we tend to forget to love our neighbor. Life is selfish and rushed and rude, but it doesn’t have to be. If we trust in God, I know he will give us the grace to carry what ever burdens we must in order to do good by our neighbor. We must keep in mind the good Samaritan, whom doesn’t cross the road or look the other way but walks to Jesus and helps directly and without complaint.


Tomorrow, the couple is coming here. We are planning to ask them. They are being given a ride by MIL so she must came again. I suppose it will be okay. It’s all for the greater good. I am nervous though, I hope they accept our offer.


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